Why do you trust people you’ve never met, and how do you do that?

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Jehovah’s Witnesses are an international brotherhood.When does anyone witness? By giving himself unconditionally to Jehovah in prayer after receiving the appropriate knowledge (John 17/3) and documenting this through baptism. I can therefore have full confidence in such a person. Black sheep are occasional, but are very rare and, if they become obvious and remorseless, are removed from the community. JZ strive for quality, not quantity!

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Definition: Revival of a deceased person to life

If a person’s personality pattern is stored in God’s memory, God can bring that person back to life by adding a new body.

A breakdown of this topic:


Revivals in Pre-Christian Times

Son of a widow au Zarephath (1.Kön.17/22)

Resurrection by touching the bones of Elisa (2 Kings 13/21)


Resurrection Hope in Pre-Christian Times

you will long for the work of your hands (Job 14/15)

Faith of Martha (John 11/24)


God raised Jesus from the dead

over 500 eyewitnesses (1.Cor.15/3-8)

Testimony of His Apostles (Acts 2/22-32)

Jesus is the first to be raised to lasting life (Acts 2/24-27)

Jesus died as a perfect man and was raised as a spirit person (1 Peter 3/18)


Raising through Jesus Christ

the daughter of a synagogue leader (Mark.5/22-24; 38-42)

The Son of a Widow (Luk.7/11-15)

Lazarus (John 11/1-44)

all these people have died again

Raising up by Peter



two kinds of future resurrections

the small flock that rises to heavenly life (Luk.12/32; Offb.14/3; 20:5)

the other sheep (John 10/16) who have an earthly resurrection (Acts 24/15)

all these persons will be resurrected to a lasting life (Mat.19/29)


can we say with certainty who will not be resurrected?


Adam and Eve who sinned in the state of human perfection, that is, without the burden of original sin


various religious leaders of the Jews (Mat.23/33)


Judas Iscariot (John 17/12)


Persons who sin against the Holy Ghost (Matthew 12/31)

Time of the Heavenly Resurrection (first resurrection)

since the seizure of jesus’ power in heaven; beginning after 1914

Time of the Earthly Resurrection

within a thousand years; starting after the great tribulation orto Armageddon

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Translation basis of the biblical quotations: New World Translation

Facets of Love

The Greek language is very nuanced in relation to this word:

principled love (Greek.”agape”)

Love of God


Love for God means, for example, to be grateful to him; talk about him the truth

(Matthew 22:36-38)

Supreme Commandment: Love of Jehovah

sacrifice-ready love

John 13/34,35

The expression of the highest love on the part of God and Jesus Christ is the ransom provision



Mat.22/39 Roman se.13/10 Luk.6/31

Enemy love


Brotherly love (Greek.“philias”)

Love of kinship (Greek.“storge”)

romantic orsexual love (Greek.“eros”)

this word does not appears in the Greek text of the NT.

LG H/P (variable)

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