Why do women let men wait long for sex, either in a relationship or after a first date?

The question suggests that the focus is very much on sex rather than the relationship.Waiting for sex. Funny too because if the woman is saying right then you are in the popularly a slut. As a woman, you can never do it right here.

For myself, I only dive in with someone if I like 100%.Not as a rule, I just don’t manage to be intimate with someone, it definitely doesn’t feel right.

How quickly i like someone 100%, it depends on the situation.It doesn’t have to last long, but you’re just going to be walking hinting at sex before I really like you then I’ll find you unattractive faster. Do not have control over such a thing and in addition, the other make it continuously uncomfortable and want to draw across a border, that is not a healthy behavior.

However, I am sure that people, be they men or women, keep each other on the line.I will say directly this is not going to be him and not pretend it is going anywhere. I speak in advance of my expectation, so that someone knows what he is up to. I don’t like wasting time so I certainly won’t waste the time of another.

Literally never been “waited” for more than six weeks if I had no relationship and two weeks if I had it.Why should you keep waiting for so long? Why would you want to be with someone who decides that you have to wait?

So answer is not all women, but some women, and to. Various reasons

I do not know if there is really a lot to wait.What is still involved are partly cultural elements from the history that are nagalmen. A woman with an active sexual life ran far more risks than men, in terms of (negative) reputation and (loss of) future prospects.

The myth of feminine chastity and redisposition has remained long, even though it was claimed that the woman could not have any feelings of lust.However, when the number of objections is reduced, women are also able to be sexually frequent active.

Generalizing said experienced men love and connectedness by sex, women often want to experience first love and connectedness before they want sex.Which is short by the bend, but it does mean that there should often be a run-up before a woman feels sufficiently attached to want sex.

An expert once said: men seek sex, but find love.That is to say that men ultimately remain with the women with whom they are experiencing a substantial bond, not so much in those who are sexually receptive.


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This is a question that clearly indicates how you think, ON, about sex, relationships and “opportunities”.

After all, you ask why women make men wait for sex.

In other words, the man wants sex, the woman does not (yet) and he tries to get it from her .This underlying thought clearly indicates that you see women as persons handing sex to men in case of proven suitability, or something.

Personally, I have very different experiences: in general, the women I have had sex with before I wanted to do something.

In addition, I have never seen sex as something that was scarce but in abundance-so I never had the need and I never saw the usefulness or benefit-of having sex with someone 1) with which I would prefer not to have sex and 2) someone who did not like to have sex with me.

Why would you “fight” for sex?If necessary, it also means that the woman in question is not too enthusiastic. What’s nice about that?

Because women see you as an uncertain and evaluative mouse instead of an open and confident man.

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