Why do we get the feeling that January is a super long endless month?

December is a warm month, we are often with family.We eat a lot, share a lot and certainly the last few days of December are often filled with different gatherings, family, friends, etc. So we also look back to a whole year and forward to the other. All in all, this is a lot of impressions that you process.

Then comes January and everything in 1 hit is over.You only stand for it again. Often with good intentions, piece by piece hard work to keep you intending. The days are a short, blue Monday also comes along again. All in all, it’s just a little bit tricky.

I would say that to me the above, especially after the warm and cozy December January is nonetheless more uniform and killer.That makes it longer and perhaps seemingly endless.

All beginnings are difficult.

We have just completed the New Year’s Eve with three celebrations (Sinterklaas, Christmas, Old and new) and many people on holiday.If we have to work again on 2 or 3 January, then there is no holiday and no vacation in the prospect. January is the Monday morning of the year.

In addition, January is taken on average the coldest month of the year.We have to go through it before 鈧?艙the sun will shine again. Certainly the humid cold we have here in the Netherlands sometimes makes it very unpleasant outside.

Even though 21 December is the shortest day of the year, it takes some time before you really notice that the days are longer and there is more light. More daylight often has a positive influence on the general condition of humans.But it makes a whole lot of wonder whether the sun only comes up after you are already at work, or that he is already smiling at you while standing up.

And January has of course 31 days.The next month is just 3 days shorter. Schral consoling… next year but 2.

Well, of course, it’s also just true.Longer months than 31 days simply do not exist .

No more than a feast day, free or holiday.Because we have just an overdose from behind the back.

People are living in the prospect.

So, around March comes spring and the weather is Easter, around April one looks forward to high school exams in May, in June one looks forward to summer holidays in July, in August to the new school year in September, in September to colder weather, in October and November to the Sinterklaas (which becomes more vivid because this lasts for weeks and one is thus in an active event) and then come Christmas and old and new… and then it is January.

The new year has begun.It’s winter. It takes months for that spring to break again and it’s Easter and it feels like you’re in an endless monotonous passive abyss in time. Unless you are of course carnivalmad, or we finally have a of again, there is not much to look forward to and just in the last month a lot behind the back. That’s why January feels like a long month.

For me this is usually ibecause we have gotten a little accustomed to the free days we have in December, by those Fridays that we do not have in January feels the month longer, because we are just way more days to work.

Partly because we come from a short festive month called December rolled and partly because we have to prepare ourselves for a new and potentially long year.The last two weeks of December fly by because we are in a kind of trance that is caused by the Christmas period. This starts already when the period is in sight and once the holidays have arrived, we have forgotten all the rest. Time flies. The contrast between December and January is usually very large.

In addition to January, I think that the months of February and March can take quite a long time.In addition, it also depends on how full your agenda is. Working or going to school (or collecting cash), there is no need to go out of the wind anyway, but sideline activities. The more you want to meet with friends or Collega s, the longer a month lasts. Keeping a couple of weekends free can help you pass a month faster. The question is whether anyone wants that. You need to. For instance, a month may pass faster (to your nose).

Because you look too much ahead, just step by step, experience day after day. No future, no past but just live in the present, no long-term plans but take the days as they come.

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