Why do we feel the need to categorize people?

In my opinion, our comprehension is not sufficiently developed, to really look at each individual individually and to assess their value.

So we set up booths (formerly called pillars).The same eye summaries as for the pillars still exist, although they are not necessarily tied to pillars or booths.

It gives us a possibility, categorize people.Stealing thieves, tourists take pictures, and so on.

It’s easier to name a group of people by a label.’ Those who break into homes ‘ talk harder than ‘ burglars ‘.

Man is at the deepest a social being.Originally we lived in relatively small groups in which we knew every individual; Each individual and their characteristics.

Today-the-day we are still social beings, but we live in several groups: The family group, the group ‘ work ‘, the group ‘ acquaintances and friends ‘, the Sports Group, the neighborhood where we live, etc.Our ‘ group ‘ is very much expanded, also think of social media-but our ‘ amount of categories ‘ is still as big as when we were still living in clear groups. To maintain overview, we categorize people now. In doing so, we are obviously deficient, and the contacts are often more superficial than ‘ back then ‘. But our head is still the same head as when we still ran into bear skins: it just doesn’t fit anymore.

If we do not categorize life is very complicated.I often know in a few seconds what kind of meat I have in the tub and that’s because I place people at lightning speed in a category. Those categories are knocking pretty well after a lifetime experience. You’ll sometimes misjudge people, but you’ll notice that quickly enough.

People think in booths.They like to organize to keep control. That is our internal accountant.

Most people are afraid of what they don’t understand.If you can put the things you do not understand in any case into a box, the world will feel equally safe.

Western man lacks the ability to leave things as they are.If there is a lawn it has to be mown. If, for example, foxes occur, they are mapped, and if there is too much to be “managed”. That is to say shot off.

Man, and in particular the Western human wants to manage, control, order, order, protocol and procedure.And especially no coincidence.

Even spirituality is ultimately always organized and regulated.(If you do, you might be able to get a subsidy). Then we stick a quality mark on it and we all have the same spiritual experience nicely.

It makes it easier to anticipate the behavior of others.Unfortunately, this does not work 100%, because no man is equal. 😉

This is an evolutionary consequence.It is a kind of defensive mechanism to protect us from the unknown and any dangers. Prejudices are a direct consequence of this. There is nothing wrong with that in itself. What we do with it is more important. Now, if you’re going to categorize people into their smallest boxes, you might be able to discover his identity and personality. But remember, you never sit in a single box but in several and those in turn are very dynamic. One can also change boxes. Your catalogue needs to be constantly updated. Ultimately, let’s categorize ourselves voluntarily, just look at how your released data is categorized by Facebook.

Because this is a pretty useful and simple survival strategy.

If you see or meet a person, you immediately have information that is contained in a stereotyped one.You immediately have an idea whether you can approach this person or not. It is better and safer than using a broader stereotyped.

But as soon as you get to know a person, you have to abandon these ‘ group averages ‘ or stereotypes, because each person is different, and if you get to know an individual, it is not necessarily necessary to put him/her in a category.

But roughly its categories are very useful, and they are qualitatively better than not one categories to allocate

Because that makes it less complex.You can focus your reactions on catergorione, instead of individuals. There are much less of it. So you’ll have it easier. You think. It only often doesn’t make that much sense, you also get less nuanced from it, which makes you no contact.

The Neolimbische (AND: Neolimbic) Brain, our “autopilot”, trusts that equal impulses mean that an equal reaction is in order.

It spares our brains a monumental lot of energy to not turn on the prefrontal cortex.We prefer to keep the world simple and therefore more understandable.

Where you experience this best yourself; If you see a well-known street and greet him or her.If this was a mistake, you suddenly see that your limbic brain gives the wheel to the lizards brain and the Paleolimbian brain, you experience a sense of danger and feel left up far above what you expect may be with a beuzel-like mistake.

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