Why do truck manufacturers not use air-cooled engines? Consider their simplicity.

Simplicity is still disappointing, only difference is there is no liquid flowing through the engine block, so no water pump, hoses and radiator but a large fan to force the airflow and a special casing to guide it everywhere, and then it is still Difficult to get all cylinders well cooled at multi-cylinder engines especially the rear have it often to endure, air is not such a good conductor of heat compared to water.

Also, air-cooled engines make a lot more noise to keep that within limits you need a good insulation package, when I came to work like truck mechanic we had a few of these things in maintenance

An Iveco, air-cooled actually a rebadged Magirus Deutz, Iveco took over the brand so hence, Magiruz Deutz trucks were all air-cooled, but God what a little bit of a noise sometimes as if a fighter jet rose up, and none of the mechanics stood To jump to work on it.

They were there, as the other answerer already wrote.

I’ve ever bought almost a Magirus Deutz fire truck.That indeed made the fermenting sound of a jet engine.

The Magirus Engine:

You’ll see the “turbine” air intake.

The advantage of air cooling is that you have no chance of malfunctions or leaks in the cooling system, leaky head gaskets or jumped hoses, and that a repair is relatively simple (each cylinder and head can be replaced separately).

Also, the parts are easier to make (a multi-cylinder block with cooling requires pretty good casting technology).
The engine has therefore often been used in aggregates, where reliability and service-ability are important in all circumstances during many hours of rotation.

But now that we can easily pour the most complicated blocks with cooling channels and also the cooling systems are reliable, it is not worthwhile to make all extra parts with a lot of cooling ribs.Certainly not for engines with a lot of cylinders. The advantages of a very compact block with 8 cylinders from a piece with two cups and conditioned temperature, weigh heavier than that of the old air-cooled engines with 8 single cylinders with head.
Still loose from the deafening cabal!

Air-cooled Block (Magirus):

Super Compact Water cooled 8 Cylinderblock (Mercedes):

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