Why do some programmers prefer Linux over Windows or Mac?

Technically, some think that Linux for real techies, for Bitjes whistling, is a better system. However, Macos has the same roots as Linux, only a bit more ‘ beautiful ‘ dressed up.It is now a commercial product. That’s why the market is just bigger, there are more Macos users than Linux users. And that money in the superlative for Windows. That is purely technical and also conceptually true something of lesser quality. But that market is so huge that you can’t ignore it .If you want to sell your developed software then. That’s the difference between the techie and the salesman. Should it be technically beautiful or should it deserve good?

Macos has acquired a really nice intermediate position.Technically well regarded conceptually similar to Linux, but by nicely dressing up and standardizing a more or less large market worldwide know to speak. It’s pretty simple (for system developers) to build an under Linux good working program to a MAC program. With Windows, it’s all different. This still takes some effort.

With Macos, if you want to use the Apple Store sales channel, you’ll need to comply with a long list of Apple safety and usability requirements.Some feel like a straightjacket (why should Apple judge my work?) But it does ensure a very high quality of all programs in that eco-system. So what users are also going to know about new software. Standardize on quality, actually. Under Windows you really get a lot of dredging products, that you have to judge before you buy it. So, under Macos, you can’t produce dredging, you simply don’t come across the store with your product.

Therefore, it is for developers on the one hand more work and more interference from Apple, but on the other hand you have a truly global potential market.The distribution and extradition is all for you, you don’t have to worry about as a developer. At a percentage of your turnover though. But if you do not have to carry out a complete (worldwide?) sales channel and distribution channel under Linux or Window, you are probably lost much more.

Final answer: If you want to make a working system for yourself as a techie, you could get on Linux.Very versatile and flexible. However, if you want to market as much as possible to potential buyers of your product, you really need to create a Windows program.

So Macos is in between.Good for developers, and much better for end users, and a pretty big market-appealing. With a standard sales and distribution channel, so you might be on a bigger market than if you’re working in Windows and need to do your sales and distribution yourself.. And just really much nicer to see, and more enjoyable to use. (Although Windows has learned a lot from the competition, in recent years)

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