Why do some people say ‘ sorry ‘ so often? Where does that come from?

Those people actually say: sorry I live.They are people who are afraid to make other people angry. They are afraid of confrontation.

Yeah sorry though, but what a vague question is this.Which people? And what is “often” exactly? Do you think your “often” is a kind of commonly known word? Let me tell you: that’s not it. The one is often the other is sometimes.

So: that really differs (radically) from human to human.

Some people say it before they go to say something directs or possibly consigned (“Yes, sorry, but…”), or if they get a reproach or anger or expect to get it (back), and in others it is a tactics/tic/pattern to To nip or mitigate conflicts.It is sometimes used for what it is meant to be: if you have been physically or mentally hurt by inattention or thoughtlessness.”Sorry, that wasn’t my intention.”

I totally agree with the first sentence of Peter Hendriks .It’s a “Sorry I live”, I also suffer from it. I find it annoying to bother people. But…. I’m certainly not afraid to make other people angry. Certainly not, to my own frustration because I sometimes work with myself in the problems. I’m going to confront the confrontation and say in advance I’m sorry to do it.

I don’t want anyone to be bothered except that I do it continuously, weird but true:-).

That’s because the meaning of the word “sorry” is utterly watered down.Everyone throws with ‘ sorry ‘ because it is eroded.

Sorry I.M.O. means: “I realise that I have hurt your feelings and made it hard for you and I will do everything within my ability to make sure that this does not happen again.” Also called: “I’m sorry.”

But nowadays it is apparently synonymous for: shit happens, what do you say, ah fuck it, and some other things that in the furthest distance do not resemble the above.

One of the things you can customize in your conversations is less sorry to say.Consciously deal with sorry so that it gets value again. People quickly say sorry to create a wrong feeling of empathy. As a result, the value of sorry has been lost and people no longer take it seriously. If you teach yourself to say less sorry, then you are already a step further than the rest. And the rest will follow with the years.

Interesting though.This is what I think:

  1. It is preceded by criticism.

2.One apologizes for a of that may disturb you.

3.It is the introduction to delivering criticism.

4.Someone has a inferior feeling.

5.The word only asks to reconsider your actions or words.

6.One seeks clarification.

It means having somewhere of regret, but in reality that is practically never the case.

Most use it to say that you have a rock feeling through an activity of them but that they do not want to take responsibility for it.

I stood on your toes?Sorry though.

You thought you still got money?Sorry though.

etc etc

I say “sorry” often.I naturally have a severe look and when I talk it seems like I am angry and I am not. I’m just assertive so I have to balance with love and “sorry”.


I find your dress ugly.Vs. “Sorry” that I’ll tell you this so, but I find that you dress ugly I do. “Sorry” I really don’t want to insult you.

And no I’m not “sorry” and no it can we care little if you’re angry or not and no I try not to be brutal, it comes out of my mouth, it’s my weakness.

No self-confidence was likely to be door mats bullied lacking the ability to stand up for themselves.Probably very exploitive people to their own where they had to make themselves smaller.

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