Why do some people not believe in God?

The burden of proof rests with the applicant.An exceptional claim requires exceptional proof.

I was raised as a Hindu.I didn’t see a Hindu god solve my problems. When I was 12 years old, I decided to read Christianity. A year later, I deeply understood the teachings and history of Christianity and was absolutely convinced that I had found “the way”.

It took a few months.Miracles don’t come so easily.

While i was waiting, I researched Islam.I continued to read about Buddhism. Slowly but steadily, I became suspicious: the miracles did not happen, although I worked hard and understood the religions better than most of my friends would ever do.

But more importantly, all the teachings seem to be erroneously similar.

At the ripe old age of 16, I became interested in science for the first time.I was fascinated by the size and power of the stars. It was important for me to understandthe universe.More importantly, science could explain things!I don’t have to believe , I don’t have to close my eyes, I just had to understand ! Sometimes it took more work than I thought, but in the end I could understand it without believing it!

More importantly, science knew that it did not have all the answers!Every other religious book I read had claimed that it had all the answers and that only its answers were correct.But somehow each religious response was different from another. Many questions have been left unanswered.

Science does not.It says: ‘We do not know where this comes from, so further research is needed’.

I slowly saw the progress that science has brought about.I have also seen how very religious societies tend to destroy themselves. I wanted to believe in a mighty God, but I saw that my will was the cause of the problem. I didn’t have to want it, but went where the proof brought me. I must not impose my will on the universe, I just have to follow the clues and the universe will reveal itself.

And I did.I understand now.

I am open to being wrong; I’m really looking forward to being wrong. But the fact is that most of the “evidence” for God is simply stories or hyper-fantasy.If you meet God every day and then you bring me to Him, I will believe in His existence.

If God decides to reveal himself to me, I will believe in Him.But if there is no other answer, I will not.

Because when I think about it, God may not want me to believe in him.Maybe I’m part of his grand plan, and maybe that’s the role he chose for me.

And seriously, who should I challenge God himself?

Sorry for my German language skills!I tried my best 🙂

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