Why do some people find it difficult to believe in God, despite part of the unexplained mystery of the universe and the questions about life and death?

Gods are simply not such a credible answer to all those questions.

And let’s be the essence: we used to ask a lot more.Before we knew what wind was and what exactly caused thunderstorms, we thought that gods caused things.

Gods are holes in knowledge, and those holes are getting smaller.There is always less place for gods to take an important and large place.

In addition, there has never been a moment in all those hundreds, thousands of years, that we thought science had a good answer and that it turned out that “God did it” was a better answer anyway.Zero.

And the other way around, all these things will be proven, that they can be done perfectly without divine intervention.

And finally: Even on the question “but where did it all start with it” can not be answered with “God,” whatever God.If everything needs a start, where does your God come from?

And if your God can exist without beginning, why can the universe not exist without beginning?

There is simply no good rational reason to be a godhead there, not at all because every other sign of such a deity is missing.

The problem is that ‘ God ‘ is not an explanation for the things you do not understand.By setting this up you do your own faith too short.

Provided: I do not believe.But people who base their faith on the given, that God would be an explanation for the inexplicable, believe just as less in the god of the Bible, because I assume that you are referring to it.

The message I get from the Bible is not an explanation for the inexplicable.It is a message to do justice to misinformed people. It starts with the story of Exodus: Slaves escape, pull through the desert and start their own country.

It is the story of prophets, who once again call the rulers to account, because injustice is done to the poor.

And it is the story of Rabbi Jesus, who had to pay with the highest price for the fact that he saw people who were rejected by the ‘ churches ‘ of his time as valuable fellow men.

That is the God the Bible is about.

If you use God as a stopping agent to fill the gaps in your knowledge about natural events, you believe even less in that God of the Bible than I do it.

Original question: Why do some people find it difficult to believe in God, despite part of the unexplained mystery of the universe and the questions about life and death?

As the other answers have already indicated, it is only the question to what extent a belief in God leads to an explanation of the unexplained or an answer to questions about life and death.

For me personally, for example, the answer ‘ God ‘ only leads to further questions.But actually I wish to focus more on the argument implicitly present in the question itself.

I speak here about the implicit argument that the existence of the unexplained or of questions about life and death implies that there would be statements or answers!

On the basis of which can we assume that every mystery can be demystified, that every question can be answered?

I have three reasons to ask this question.

The first relates to a previously made comment about answers that only lead to more questions.Think of children!

  • Why is the world around, Daddy?
  • Because gravity, you know, that force that always pulls things down here, tends to make heavy things around.
  • Why?
  • Well, that has to do with the fact that Mother Nature tends to choose that form that has the lowest potential energy.
  • Why?
  • etc, etc.

We explain things in terms of other things, which obviously only works if these things are understood.If not, we need to go a layer deeper and explain the concepts used in the statement itself.

This can continue for a while.But in the final analysis there are only three possibilities here[1:

  1. It never ceases. Every statement requires always further explanations of concepts used in the statement.

This is often called an infinite regression.

  • At some point in time, the statements are circularly.
  • An example of this:

    Why is stealing wrong?
    Because I say it.
    Why do you say it?
    Because it is wrong!

  • We achieve some ground layer of concepts, which simply do not have any further explanations.
  • If I accept God as an explanation for the mysteries and questions mentioned, then God remains unexplained?One mystery is not explained by an even greater mystery!

    The second reason has a somewhat more technical background.It is an information technical result. In essence, I appeal to the fact that no system can contain sufficient information to describe even itself completely and accurately.Since such a system itself is part of a larger system (the environment around you), it is therefore impossible to describe that wider environment completely and accurately. So there must be questions in all circumstances that each individual can ask, of which there can be literally no answer for that individual.So there are simply questions for which we cannot know the answer.Every model that makes an individual in his head of himself and the world around him, is necessarily either incomplete (does not take into account all the facts) or inaccurate (delivers untruths or vague present as answers) either.

    Thirdly, even if I would accept God as a possible explanation, then the question remains whether it is the statement. The simple fact that there is a statement for one or other phenoma, does not imply in any way that this statement is the right one.

    A concrete example here is the statement of the orbit of the visible planets through our heavens.Nowadays this is explained by our scientific theory of gravity. For the most part, it suffices Newtonian gravity, a simple theory, but for some details, we need a more complicated theory, Einsteinian gravity, or general relativity theory. We can see these two theories as being akin, with Einstein filling a certain incompleteness in Newton’s theory. There appear to be multiple sources of gravity than just ‘matter‘.Pressure and momentum also appear to contribute.

    However, we also have the shed theory of epicycles[2.Although the movement of the planets could be explained very accurately by our heavens, it was the assumption that these planets turned around the earth!

    That none for which a statement was sought, thus had a statement, but unfortunately not one that in any way to do with the truth of how the planets jobs really are!

    I am not so much interested in the declarations themselves, but the truth of these declarations.The question suggests that we have only two possibilities. Either God declares everything, or we are left with mysteries and questions. On the contrary, I claim that, with or without a belief in God, we are left with the same questions. I personally see no difference between an unexplained universe (why something instead of nothing?) and an unexplained God, to whom I ask the same question, namely, why something (God) instead of nothing?

    I fully accept this fact.There are questions that cannot be answered with an answer of which we knowthe truth.The fact that there are answers is not the relevant fact here, is relevant whether and how we can verify the truth of the answer. Is God an Epicykel?


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    I don’t have a hard faith in believing in God: The concept is so unbelievable that I don’t try it.Define your God and we’ll talk again. I think the concept of creation stems from the pretence of man who shows off what he has made. But he has only transformed matter. The matter was already there. When he makes a chair he has first cut a tree. Unless you talk about things like music, ideas, love but then emerge that into our brains. We just project our daily reasoning.

    The universe is impressive and we are not yet finished discovering new laws and phenomena.

    Ehhhh… Lack of evidence for the existence of gods?

    A wise man measures the degree of his belief in the amount of evidence that is available.

    The question is set up as follows:

    1. There are unexplained things in the universe;
    2. There are questions about life and death;

    Conclusion: God exists and the questioner does not understand why not everyone follows him in this way of thinking.

    If I was an atheist I would know:

    1. This is where science is once;
    2. There are no questions: death is just dead.

    That I am not an atheist is because I have personally experienced how God has intervened in my life and has turned bad things for the good.

    But certainly not by such a foolish reasoning as behind this question.

    If you ask, God exists thanks to the mysteries of the universe and questions about life and death.Because it is indigestible or unmanageable for large groups of people to answer certain questions, a statement has been created to make these matters manageable. And that statement is (a) God. In the past many different gods were wored. Gods Who Let It rain, gods who settled the tides, which were the sun and the moon. Gods who explained things that were then inexplicable. Also today God forms for many a statement for the inexplicable.

    God exists in the minds and hearts of people.As a “coping mechanism”. As consolation. As a support in the back. As something to pull on. In that respect, believing is functional. Especially for people who cannot accept that some things are just so without you will ever know why. That some things just happen even though that’s not fun or fair or desirable. Faith offers something other than truth. It offers handhold and direction. And for the people who like that, I’m happy. However, it has not been devoted to me. I do not need God to declare the inexplicable. And I don’t find that difficult at all.

    You should also not believe in God if you have never experienced him there or have met.

    At this moment you consist of a few liters of blood and some bones and flesh, you are born of a vagina 1cm above a butthole how much you will really know, and this money also for people who say they do not believe in God.

    People sit at home hot-air with their luxury TV, luxury food, nice cars, kids, money, jewelry etcetc

    Then at times the question and thought arises when God exists or not.

    These are not circumstances to find out whether God exists or not.In These circumstances, you will continue to play with your eternal thought until you are dead and nothing has been shot.

    Walk away from home, leave behind everything that will fulfill your thought with emotions and greed and so-called partner Love which is not eternal either.

    Chop the knot with your material life.

    Then you will only experience freedom in a subtle way.Then you’ll get less burden from your thoughts.

    It is not so easy to meet a king of this world, it is impossible for most people to have dinner with the king and conversations.

    Prince Siddharta confesses better when the Buddha knew it was humane when he learned about old age, sickness, death, suffering.

    But he thought so who grieveth there actually, all the results well and badly played in him.

    So he began to investigate himself.

    He thought I’m hungry as always what will happen if I don’t give in to my eternal lust for food, so when he began to perfect his breathing and began to admit extremely less to his sentences.

    The Buddha started to live on 1 grain per day and drank his own urine just to not give in to those who were always the boss of us.

    Namely the 6 senses,

    The six senses are: the physical body, the eyes, the tongue, the nose, the ears, and the mind.

    The Buddha went to extremes to find his enlightenment.

    But now there are a few people here on Quora who just come out of their couch to swear that God does or does not exist.

    That’s not easy!

    There are paths to get behind your questions, but then you have to have the guts to follow.Try it in any case 4 hunts of your life. Do not believe in it, nor do you want to follow it that is fine, but then stop in the sequel to complain that we are something or nothing.

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