Why do so many foreign cultures see it as taboo to be ‘ open minded ‘?

I grew up on Bonaire and have a Bonerian mother and a Dutch father.And I have been living in the Netherlands for almost 2 years. And follow a HBO study.

In The Bonerian culture they give the people always empowering, loving their opinion and of gossip.But once you get the Boneriaan outside of his familiar environment and society (living in the Netherlands), they are/are in the beginning less verbal about their opinion but are undoubtedly still open minded.

I think this is mainly because people are intimidated by the average Dutchman.The Dutch are generally not open minded. From our own experience, they are especially opinionated, thinking in their own world, like to have discussions and equal in them. They have a strong and dominant character. And look downgrading to other cultures that are not superior. Think of the people of the Middle East, South America, Africa, certain parts of Asia and certain European countries that do less well than NL.

The fresh off the plane Boneriaan is feeling intimidated.There is no ‘ taboo ‘ on the open minded. The average Boneriaan thinks and keeps all his opinions for themselves because they do not want to engage in discussions with others (the Dutchman). We want to fit in and if you have a discussion with a Dutchman then you will be labeled as the stereotypical antiliaan. This is mainly because we are strong opinionated and the Anti-Lianen in the Netherlands give a bad image on the rest that live on the islands.

I can’t be myself at school because I feel that my normal behavior is frowned upon by the Dutchman.I am being finished at school every time and criticized on how I behave and react etc. So I have to take over the behaviour of the Dutchman in order not to be strangely watched.

Finally, foreign culture (Bonerians) are quite open minded.But will not say their opinions aloud because different factors play a role. As for the other cultures that are in the Netherlands, they will also experience a bit of the same as the Bonerians.

I do not approve of that, but the answer is: because they feel threatened when other opinions are held against their own opinions.

Firstly, they see their own opinion as facts (that mistake you often make, you imagine nothing.)

So someone who does not accept the facts: they find it dangerous and threatening (you do, but also for other ‘ facts ‘).

A solution could be that we are in discussions about philosophical notions like: what is an opinion, what is a fact, what is a proof.There we have many leading philosophers in the West, but they are at least as much in the other regions. Ours are based on those of them often (deepen your once in the history of philosophy). So it should be K煤nnen!

That requires a certain flexibility in thinking, which certainly cannot yield anyone.Also not here with us, but it is already not customary at all.

So if we set a good example and listen to them well and show what that yields (no, don’t exactly do what they say, I didn’t), then it’s possible.People of those who are here, and the administrative battles there, we have to listen to, participate in conversation, so as to show what our way of thinking yields. For us and for them.

Fortunately, questioner comes from a domestic culture that is very open minded. This is evident from your question….

Which foreign cultures?The Danish, the Chinese, the Peruvian?

When a question like this is involved on a foreign country only, I get the suspicion that the ‘ open mindedness ‘ in the Netherlands can also be improved.

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