Why do so few people know that the earth is 100% proven flat and not convex?

There are things you can doubt: Elvis is dead, 9 – 11 is nothing more than an attack with two planes, Kennedy is murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald, the Egyptians have built the pyramids themselves and the earth is around.

But your other option is not to accept a different statement.If you find the evidence for a round earth insufficient, you take the position that you do not know. That is sincere skepticism.

The arguments that the earth would be flat are still much maffer than the earth is around. In many cases, you need very complex conspiracy theories to keep those arguments afloat.For example, the NASA and all other space organisations are deliberately taking us to the nose. What the arguments are for-apart from the accumulation of unlockable assumptions-is never entirely clear.

If you really have the ability to think skeptical, then you have to worry if so many arguments for your alternative statement can be disproved so easily.

A good Youtube channel to take those refutations quickly to you is SciManDan.Besides being methodically peeling off FlatEarth and other pseudoscience, it is also nice to see how the FlatEarthers react to him: they call him a transsexual, a gay (as if that should be insults. Apparently on a flat Earth), they are talking about his training, but his arguments do not get them from the table.

I didn’t know either.But your argumentation is so strong that I am now, though. My backyard is flat. So the rest will be that as well. I understand. Thanks for your insights.

So Hey, ‘ n real conspiracy thinker.These are quite rare outside the US.

Only… No, I am not convinced.

You know, I know a nice little game that is called “astronavigation”.You can use this when navigating the sea, out of sight of the mainland, to know where you are somewhere. Until that some 30 years the GPS was made available for civilian purposes that was the only reliable way to determine the high seas (out of the reach of electronic systems like DECCA and LORAN) with reasonable accuracy to your position.

That goes with the help of a sextant, an accurate clock, an almanac with tables about sun and star positions, and a lot of math work.And that works fine. Since the middle of the 18th century, this technique ensured that maps became much more accurate worldwide and that ships ran a lot less often on the cliffs.

But this technique is a prerequisite.It only works on a sphere.

As a small example:

Polaris, or the Arctic star.It is located fairly exactly above the North Pole.

You can use that to know which North latitude you are in.

The closer to the equator the lower above the horizon Polaris stands. Until you are just about at the Tropic of the Lobster, the abberations of the Earth’s atmosphere are so large that the height relative to the horizon can no longer be determined accurately. And south of the equator you can’t see Polaris at all. That is then down the horizon. Then you are going to use other stars.

Google once Yuri Gagarin.

Ah man, keep on…

People have seen many centuries and even millennia ago that the earth is not flat but spherical, just like all other celestial bodies from a certain critical size.You are either a faint plague or frankly retarded if you ask these kinds of questions.

Because, Einstein, we have known for centuries, through science and deduction alone, that the earth is indeed a sphere , despite how confident you are of your cause. If that were not so, to mention anything, all the technologies that use GPS would no longer work because everything would be misaligned.They do work. The people who prove in spite of the mountains that we have amused for this over the centuries still prefer the edgy contrarian after seeing a cheap, sketchy YouTube movie there will always be to a greater or lesser extent. For several reasons: narcissism, paranoia disorders, the urge to be “different” and sometimes simply not to have knowledge or the ability to deal with it, which makes it most sensational to be chosen to be interesting. But okay, the earth is so flat? Come on with that proof. What proves that it is 100% sure that the earth is flat? I am very curious.

, “Quora user, totally agree with you.If you could still explain or justify why NASA would like to fool the entire world population, you might consider or discuss such an opinion, but this is simply not the case. Conclusion: Conspiracy theories are really exhausting.

“,” Because we live in the 21st century and have scientific evidence that it is indeed around. The thing I don’t need scientific evidence for is my suspicion that this is a kind of troll question.

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