Why do severely faithful people seem like they only know goodness as emotion? It seems so fake, almost scary.

The religious-Industrial Complex

I sat fairly close to that fire and visited several church societies.The experiences were not always negatively happy and the reason I don’t visit church anymore is also personal and for logistical reasons.

The best way to know if they are sincere, you have to deal with them for a while.It is also good to say that it is often not as black and white, some can be very warm and on closer inspection, although sometimes they have their weird ideas, they can really love it.

For me, faith and religion are two different things, where Mr. I hates God’s religion.Jesus came not to bring a new religion of salvation, but salvation Ván religion. Enfin the difference between religion and belief (generalizing) listed here in my view.

Faith is space, religion is suffocating

Faith is modest, religion is ambitious

Faith testifies, religion wants to convince

Faith brings love, religion preaches love

Faith is organic, religion mechanically

Faith is sensual, religion is squeamish

Faith thinks relational, religion in rules

Faith is involved, religion is interfering

Faith is giving, religion is demanding

Faith sees Love as a goal, religion sees it as a means

Faith Bridges, religion separates

Faith accepts, religion condemns

Faith thinks contextually, religion restrictive

Faith seeks similarities, religion differences

Faith wants to prove nothing, religion is pretentious

Faith thinks multicoloured, religion black and white

Faith is authentic, religion is religious-correct

Faith thinks creatively, religion thinks conformist

Faith seeks wisdom, religion seeks dogmas

Faith is passionate, religion is fanatical

Faith thinks inclusive, religion thinks exclusive

Faith understands the Bible, religion reads the Bible

Faith brings heaven, religion preaches heaven and hell

Faith brings mercy, religion blocks Mercy

Faith shares God, religion claims God

Faith proclaims life, religion proclaims death

God stimulates faith, but discourages religion:

For you have taken away the key of knowledge; You have not entered yourself and those who try to enter, have stopped you.(Luke 11:52) *

* What roughly means: Believers who form a religious sub-culture, which throws up unnecessary barriers to spread the love of God.

The religious people themselves do not let themselves be changed and blocked by knowledge, love, so also for others the opportunity to see the value of faith.


The Free Believers Network

I became depressed when I became an atheist, so death became the end point.Should I try to restore my faith and how can I believe again in God and a heaven?

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.. Because they may be trying to live according to the rule “Have your neighbor love you right” maybe?If they do not apply that sincerely, you usually do so.

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