Why do people who only give answers to Quora dare not make themselves vulnerable by occasionally asking questions on Quora and why do they complain, that the questions are not good enough on Quora?

Why would I not dare to be vulnerable?I am in my replies generally terribly open about myself and therefore very fragile. What a nonsense to not ask questions to link to not be vulnerable dare.

On the English Quora the question is asked why people are so arrogant not to ask questions, as if they know everything.I don’t know anything at all. But I read an awful lot. Both on Quora and beyond. And if I want to know something, I’ll search for it myself, if someone tells me here on Quora that I’m wrong, I’ll search for it. And when I write an answer I often look for things, and I learn a lot in this way , without asking any question.

I think this is a ridiculous and actually questionable question.

Personally, I have not yet asked my own question.What I usually do is to look at the Dutch and English Quora if the question already exists (and in 99% of the cases it already exists) and I read the answers to them. When it comes to factual things, I google it or I search it in the Digital University Library. I am a student, because of this I have access to almost all scientific articles.

For questions about my computer, chores at home, I ask it in my area or I watch tutorials on YouTube.(Even though I’ve gotten some good tips on Quora about this kind of stuff).

When it comes to a social discussion, I can go on Quora.Reddit, YouTube, etc read what people think of it. In short, I have had little reason to ask my own question.

What now comes first in me to ask is travel-related.I don’t like the supertouristic locations like Benidorm, so as soon as I go somewhere, where I can’t find enough information about it online, I’ll probably ask. This only takes some time. I have to graduate first.

That’s good for you to notice.

That is indeed a remarkable fact, although I doubt that adding a question has anything to do with making yourself vulnerable.

I think most people here like to share their knowledge.Maybe they feel like they don’t have to learn anymore? (Hahahaha, I’m just kidding!)

I know many writers on Quora complain about the translated questions.They also hate the idea of a partner program. But at the same time they do not add any questions.

So I try to add questions.

I also encourage everyone to add questions, and I have already promised several times, if I can answer them, I will do so, as a sign of support.

Also, about the translated questions, many users say:

“I feel like a fool for answering a question with my experience, and then I find out that it’s” just “a translated question, not one that someone has really asked for”.

But this is incorrect: The question is really asked by someone.And if that question was asked by someone on the English version of Quora, it will probably be searched in the Dutch version at a given time. If someone will look it up, your answer will be there and it will help.

I know it can feel weird to add a question, but it’s nice if you all try it once!

I asked a question once.My entire mailbox was full of notifications that I might have had to adjust the question. I had no idea what was wrong with it, but still adjusted. Made longer, made shorter, otherwise formulated etc. Etc. Etc. Nothing helped, I kept getting notifications. Then never asked any more questions.

I find it seriously difficult to imagine questions for Quora.Often I’ve already found something through search engines/Youtube/other. Replies, however, are slightly easier.

My only complain about the questions asked are the automatically translated questions.They do not miss the plank. During the Quora Meetup 22 June We talked about this and I only realised that there could be people on Quora who might be 20 years younger than I am… Stupid huh? I just didn’t stand still. Yeah the questions I had w0 years ago were different than the ones I have now. Only therefore, I try to look at the questions slightly more luisier.

Well you know… I like to look for things for others or myself.So most of the questions I try to find myself.

Sometimes I suggest a nice or one that I can’t find.But I’d rather answer them, that’s all.

If you have all the answers, you don’t have to ask questions.

A weird question, for this reason, because the question assumes that those answers automatically dare not make themselves vulnerable.That is an assumption and nothing more than that.

I do not really think that such a question is worth answering, and as far as I am concerned, such ‘ questions ‘ may also be banned from now on.

The questions I’m curious about are often of a sexual nature and have limited rotation too when I set them up.So I ask though, but nobody sees that

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