Why do people like it when they work on your nerves?

Oh I love that kind of people.As soon as I feel they want a response to me that whole part is turned off. Nothing is more imaginative than letting anyone be frustrated at all about your enduring reaction. The more the person frustrates, how rewarding and easier it becomes to not react. Eventually they walk away evil. Top.

I think this is because they want to provoke a reaction, simply put.

There are countless scenarios where a person could irritate someone, work on the nerves.I mainly shoot the head inside:

  • If one is bored;
  • (Unconscious?)
  • If you want attention;
  • If one actually irritates someone, just, ‘ for fun ‘.
  • Etc.

To distinguish between the scenarios in which someone actually enjoys irritating someone and unintentionally irritate it, we can put the unconsciously irritate aside; But even the next theorem can apply if you look at it broadly.

A person start to poke, stay through questions, make strange noises, etc.Can someone really work on his taps. When the person finally gives up and visible frustration towards the ‘ bully ‘, this in turn shows a wide grin. Mission accomplished?

The fact that there is a reaction (other than a simple and uninterested ‘ let me rest, go away ‘) is generated which is purely , directly addressed to the bully and with full attention (!) The bully is likely to give a sense of victory.Eventually, why else would you annoy someone?

In my opinion, people who suffer well from themselves are.And indeed it is just asking attention. The person is dead unhappy and seeks relaxation at the expense of others.

It is important that you do not disturb them because then you do them a favor and that is exactly what they want.They have power over you. The best medicine is totally ignoring and going away. Totally not disturb and seek an occupation to concentrate on something else.

Thanks for your question but how do you get here.Are there really people who work on the nerves from pleasure and entertainment, or make life sour?

This comes to me mostly from hate.If you hate someone, you want to see them in a nasty situation, and working on their nerves is such a situation.

(Or those teenage boys who find that “tough” or “fun” or “cool”)

I had no idea, and asked my teenage son-who himself regularly makes himself ‘ guilty ‘.His answer: because they have something to do. He meant (so he explained) that people do so out of boredom.

I thought it was a nice answer.If you’re bored and everyone is working on his own thing, then arises by annoy someone in any case interaction.

A form of attention is therefore asked.Although there may also be a tic where others irritate themselves. But I am not talking about this question.

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