Why do people believe that not giving painkillers to a sick child makes the child stronger? Is it true?

This is the cleanest nonsense.Pain causes a longer disease bed and can cause more complaints for a longer period.

Pain causes worse disease behavior, such as staying in bed, eating poorly, spasmodic muscles.This can give all sorts of problems. Good pain relief activates and allows for rapid mobilization.

Source About suboptimal Pain control:

Poorly controlled Postoperative pain: prevalence, consequences, and prevention

And this is true not only for postoperative pain, but all forms of pain.

Suffering is part of our lives.In order to cope with this, we have developed cultural notions that also have positive aspects to suffer. The misquote “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger”, the supposedly romantic death on the battlefield, and the many representations and glorifications of suffering in religions.

So We believe that suffering is necessary for development.While it’s pretty good to have an occasional setback that you learn to process in a healthy way, the pendulum sometimes runs too far. Not giving painkillers at times when it is appropriate is a good example of this.

Because these people often (wrongly?) believe that painkillers can work addictive.When I was little, we went to the doctor when I was sick. Sometimes I only got acetaminophen. But I never got any painkiller and no sleeping pills. My mother is still against painkillers and sleeping pills.

Only when I was 21 or 22, I had used ibuprofen as a painkiller for the first time, after I got advice from an employee of a drugstore.Previously, I used in headache only paracetamol. I have never or perhaps but very rarely used aspirin.

Incidentally, your children should never give aspirin. [1[2 [ 3 It can be life-threatening.

So there is a core of truth that you should not give your child painkillers too much or too quickly.

I hope I have answered this question well, thank you for asking me this question C茅line D茅camps (Quora user).


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Difficult question: After all, pain is a very subjective thing.

I’m pretty sure people take a lot too fast to grab pills for anything and everything.And certainly for pain. I think it is important to indicate to a child that pills are not “candies”, and that sometimes you are better with a little pain to bite. However, not to the extent that the child’s life comfort is compromised.

I also know from personal pain experience (mainly back pain and migraine) that the pain limits can be shifted.But one day the other is not. In the end, this case depends on each case. If it is a tough child who is standing up again and again without any kermen after a crash, it will not be so difficult to know that if the child complains about pain, it is right. However, it Is a jankertje that rolls in exaggerated lament and saw after a few moments to have bumped his clove… to postpone it.

Not experienced this much.

Maybe because they are afraid of the in the media whether or not inflated side effects, or that they find quite calvinistic that you should not “complain”.

If you keep to the maximum dosages, and do not suckler to the reklame that NSAIDs like ibuprofen for children “recommends” (finds that given the side effects profile of gastric bleeding, kidney disorder etc.This shouldn’t be allowed), it can’t hurt.

It may be more about finding the balance.Not just to give a painkiller for every wiper wash. I also don’t like to give my daughter such a paracetamol for any bit of pain. For me it is difficult to estimate how much pain she actually has, I do not feel it after all. By contrast, if she has a fever and is visibly suffering from pain, I would give it.

I think it’s just hard for a parent to estimate how to make a choice for another without really feeling what they need.Then the conservative choice to give but nothing might be the better choice. The excuse is that they will be less small, so a little stronger.

I think you should be very reluctant with painkillers.They also have harmful side effects.

Fortunately, in Dutch culture we are already very reluctant with painkillers.

Medications also have a placebo effect.’ Mommy I’ve fallen! Mama hurts! ‘ Kisses on it, is over. This way you can often also give a placebo with the same pain-relieving effect, all his sweets are not really good for the teeth. But chamomile tea really does help against the pain.

About just as we deal with the cold here.’ Mama, it’s cold. The cold hurts. ‘ ‘ Are you a Dutch boy now? ‘ Don’t imagine!

If you are going to give pills, you will teach your children to swallow pills.You give them always negative attention.

Otherwise it is with for example flu.Paracetamol has an anti-inflammatory effect, apart from an Analge This is beneficial. But medication primarily against pain seems to me unwise. The body can cope well with most aches and pains.

I wouldn’t know.But I do know that I personally choose to use as few painkillers as possible because they can create a dependency. All painkillers can work more or less addictive so that you eventually become dependent on them.

You can learn to live with chronic pain without painkillers.But that is what you have to teach your body and that takes some time. That means you can start painkillers, but you have to finish it so that you stay independent of it.

But for a child the feeling that the pain is gone is a reason to continue with the painkillers.And then it creates a dependency on it. An adult can see that a dependency is created that is undesirable and can thus try to build it off. But a child often doesn’t understand it.

But absolutely no painkillers give is idiot.Some need a little to get through the worst moments. You should only taper off its use.

That is a difficult question.Painkillers numbs pain. But pain tells the body exactly how far it can go. A child has to learn that. In that sense, you could argue that not giving painkillers helps the child. It teaches how far the body can be taxed. But whether it is ‘ stronger ‘? No idea. I think the child suffers a lot of pain.

True or not true, according to my view, not relevant.Pain or no pain though. But that depends on the parents, I think anyway.

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