Why do PCs have such a short life compared to Macs?

Most of the answers that have already been given do not answer the question or argue that there would be no significant difference.However, the premise that has been decided in the question is not untrue in all respects. There are a number of generalizing differences between most Windows Pcs on the one hand and Macs on the other, which can cause the PC to age or appear to be ageing sooner.

Hardware configuration

Many (most) PC manufacturers constantly adjust the configuration of their models to always be able to buy and use the cheapest components.For instance, in a specific laptop model, one month’s audio chips may be from one manufacturer, and a month later from another manufacturer. This applies in principle to all components except things like the CPU and GPU (if they change, a device usually also gets a different type designation). Apple does not do this. A MAC of a particular model number always has the same Apple extensively tested components on board. Purchase price fluctuations are usually no reason for Apple to modify the bill of materials. As a result, for example, there is a higher risk of having a component in your PC after a year or two -if you reinstall Windows once -no longer gets to the right way because the new driver is no longer fully compatible. Or something really goes down because the cheapest components are not necessarily the best.

The examples of Windows users in my area who, as a result, have to use weird workarounds to get things like Bluetooth, WiFi, audio, video out on their older laptops are countless.As a Mac user, you don’t really bother. Installing a new version of MacOS will rarely cause anything to ever be overset.

Windows Registry

MacOS does not have a registry that can become corrupted or become so big that it slows down your computer with daily use.It will have become a bit better for Microsoft in recent years, but the need to re-install the system (as a last emergency handle in case of chronic performance problems) has been taken on a MAC by the bank a lot smaller than on a Windows PC .

System Maintenance

A Windows system, especially one on which you do everything, regularly installs something, etc.Required -also for reasons other than the registry issues mentioned above -more maintenance than a MAC. For example, there is a greater chance of getting malware. That’s what you need to do to make your computer work normally or optimally. But in my experience, legitimate programs on Windows also have more impact on system stability. For example, a piece of software you install can just make sure that the audio drivers of the sound card you use in your professional audio package suddenly no longer work as expected. These types of interferences from system-level programs do not occur on a Mac.

It already means that on a Windows PC you need to know better what you are doing and take more precautions and worries to keep your system stable and fast.Not everyone can and does this. People who cannot or do this are often better off with a Mac in terms of productive life of their computers.

My PC is a about 6 -8 year old Dell Inspiration *.Run SolidWorks on it. Half a year ago I decided it might be time for a new one, since it ran slower. Arrives at about $1000.

Also visited my trusted repair and upgrade case.They would like to replace only the hard drive with an SSD. I did. Expense $160. Goes well again. It’s no longer as before when you did the best to replace the whole computer every two years or so.

* Correction: That’s not a Dell Inspiration, but a Dell Precision T1500.My apologies!

I have a more than 10 year old PC that I use almost daily.The Windows XP that originally stood up I replaced it with Linux. It all works fine.

I do not know what reality is seen here, but I think the questioner has a wrong view.

I have been working with Apple products since 1984, my Macintosh was the first in the Netherlands.But after 6 systems I could use my Mac longer! The latest system no longer worked with my old Mac.

Where I work now (and in many places) there are still PC that work on XP, and their work still doing well.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has taken over the idea of Apple: forced birthday.After WIN10 there will never come a WIN11. WIN10 will always be renewed, forcing you to buy a newer computer.

But so far have a larger number of Pcs that still work than Macs!

If you look at the hardware: if you invest extra in good components, your PC will last longer.

If you look at the software: At one moment the PC might be too slow for a new operating system but then you can like Pieter-Jan says Linux Mint oid.Setting up. Works perfectly..

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