Why do online games attract people and why can’t many people break their internet addiction? What is the reason for this? How can this problem be solved?

It is a rather complicated matter and you ask 4 very interesting questions where psychology (addiction science), youth care, pedagogy and some other professional groups are involved.

I think it is good that you first look at what an addiction is exactly. Many people have a false picture of the notion of addiction.They think that if someone is gaming 6 hours a day, every day, that person is addicted. But you can’t just argue.

There is only an addiction if this person can no longer function normally without gaming.If this person can simply stop gaming and function normally there is no addiction.

Another example.Alcohol. Someone who is addicted to alcohol is called an alcoholic. When someone is sucking half in a coma every weekend, no longer knows with whom he or she goes where to go and finally wakes up every Saturday and Sunday 鈧?虄morning on a bench in the park or in a nasty porch, then you are inclined to think that this person Z Not exactly under control and alcohol is addicted. However, if he or she said no dripping through the week, appears neatly on time at work, that does nicely and has no problems, then it is only the question of whether there is an addiction. Can this person quietly take a weekend to a family celebration, behave properly without he/she gets the feeling that he should be sucking and all the champagne he/she can find inside works, and 鈧?虄s Monday just get back to work with no problems , then I dare to say that this person has no alcohol addiction. The fact that there is an alcohol problem and a health risk is clear, but the person in question works fine without alcohol, and is therefore not addicted.

I also know just as yet whether there are people with a 鈧?虄internet addiction .I still see no one with a network cable in his body stoned from the IP packets. These people have a behavioral problem-perhaps an addiction problem-that is linked to something that they use the Internet. But not from the internet itself. They are sex-addicted, game-addicted, attention-addicted, shop-addicted, or have another addiction in which they only use the Internet. It is important to recognise this in a therapeutic sense because you need to know what to treat people for. I wouldn’t know how I should deal with an internet addiction. But sex addiction, I have a picture of it. Shop addiction, we have had to deal with it before.

It could just be that people cannot break with their 鈧?艙internet addiction 鈧?because it does not exist.If you have something handled what is not there…. Anyway. I can’t sit on the chair of other therapists.

Online Games attract people to the death simple reason that it’s games.Games have always attracted people. The 鈧?艙bread and Spelen 鈧?strategy of Cesar was great successful. People play online of course no Freddy Fish. It’s the strategy, violence and sex-containing games that are popular. The games that appeal to the human primedriften. People can become online who they want, change into a completely different character and be completely “free” from all normal daily worries. In their imagination they can become who they want. That is appealing to many people. Escape from the daily grind and routine. And as we start getting younger, it is also becoming more and more normal. In some films that are playing in the future, you see that the writers have already picked up that idea and that everyone has a 鈧?虄online Persona . That’s a bit extreme, but apparently some think it’s really going that way. That who you are no longer makes, but that who you can be in the digital age is more important…. Frightening if you ask me.

I know from own observations that some people take it terribly seriously how their 鈧?艙online Persona 鈧?is treated whether you respect them or not, etc.Etc. Understandably natural because there is still a person of flesh and blood stuck with-normally-emotions. It sometimes seems as if the fact that the real person is hiding behind a literal firewall, everything is polarized. Things are perceived more personally, responses are harder. Someone once said to me: 鈧?艗if you are about a firewall, then I say that only the fierce crap comes through. So if you get beaten, you have to hit hard. 鈧?Others do it right nothing at all. They really see it as a game. 鈧?艙Meh, I’m dead. Do not start again. 鈧?and then I have it one over 30-plus.

This problem is not just to solve.People do what they want. Therefore, awareness-raising campaigns will not solve it either. Moreover, as I said, the problem is not in the Internet. The problem is much deeper. People develop all sorts of addictions because they are prone to being somewhere. This sensitivity is not included in the supply of the material. This sensitivity is in education and society.

One 漏 of the first things that flourized on the internet was pornography.The Internet is already flourishing for鈩?N 30 years in the Netherlands. Yet the whole of the Netherlands is sex-addicted. Why not? Because in sex fortunately there is still a certain shame to look. Because people understand that there are dangers to sex. Because it can have enormous consequences for the rest of a person’s life. Because there are many emotions to watch, especially for girls. Because we talk about it, parents and children. In 2017, for the first time since years, the age at which our children first had sex with someone has gone up. With a few months, but still. So you don’t just get hooked anywhere because it’s there. Offer enough, and yet you stay off.

But in order to achieve this for other matters, there is a need for more than an information campaign.Because how do you convince a child who feels alone and gets out of his or her parents 鈧?艙no attention 鈧? is uncertain, has no boyfriends, but nowadays in school already needs a tablet or laptop, not going on-line and having a personality there Who can be anything that he can’t be 鈧?艙IRL? We give them, in fact, the system obliges them to have the means. And the genes that need to be monitored-parents and teachers-often do not know enough of the matter to oversee it. In fact, the whole system does not dent. For n脙 隆 脙 隆 St that tablet or laptop they have to still have books…. Ever heard of E-books, its still cheaper too. But that aside.

To solve it, you have to remove the reasons for addiction.Ergo: Everyone has to be the perfect educator and no one has to have more reasons to get hooked on somewhere. Is not going to happen. Monitoring, prevention, intervention, correction, the usual means are the only tools available to us.

I am waiting with a lot of excitement on the day that the professionals prove my wrong.

Online Games has helped me unputting through my childhood.I was often bullied and it was my way to get rid of my fear of people. I made many friends online and that made me happy

This is due to a diversity of factors and varies per individual/character.

I am a person who quickly lapses into instinctive repeat behaviour in the sleep deficit.Especially in things I don’t have to think about. Games so. But also series 鈧?虄binge Watchen . In others, it is a substitute for social interaction on the streets. The game is safe. Sausage you are bullied at school, then in a game you can be very good and have 鈧?虄frienden . If you are mature but economically not very tasty in your skin, then are gambling games where you 鈧?虄seem nothing pays to be tempting. 鈧?虄it does not lie to mij if you win there once. Or 鈧?虄i saw what went wrong, but that 5 euros I got back again. and all that in the anonymity of home. No one sees those stupid actions, and you can later boast about the great actions (whether they are true or not). The Games play on all those desires and weaknesses.

The best is against discipline in sleeping and trying to stimulate 鈧?虄delayed gratification .The games online are often aimed at giving you the feeling that you are winning 鈧?虄bijna . If you lose, you’ll want to do it again. And if you win.. Then you want another.. Win win, lose lose.

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