Why do intelligent people sometimes behave stupidly?

It is important to know that knowledge and intelligence are often considered to be the same, but they are not.Admittedly; they interlock, but are not necessarily present to the same extent. There are educated people who have acquired a lot of knowledge, but; only with a low intelligence, or; not very well developed logical mind.

Undoubtedly, education and knowledge is helpful, however; without sufficient logical reason, worth little.

It is the logical mind that invents, has new ideas, is creative and draws the right conclusions.If he can draw on a rich knowledge, this is all the better.

Knowledge, however, is only “saving”/”memorizing” learning, i.e.; the memory of what has been learned, read, heard and can be retrieved.Someone, with great knowledge, but; poorly developed logical mind, – often does not even recognize what knowledge is required in a situation or in a practical task.

For example, someone with a great knowledge of engine technology may be able to list all the parts of all the usual motors, name their function, and know which formula to use for which calculation, without sufficient logical intellect, but he is never in the position to invent an engine.

Since someone with a good memory can acquire a lot of knowledge and give this back, he usually appears to be highly intelligent, although he may not be.(such “candidates” have already given me some grey hair). Also, with a lot of knowledge, various tests can be passed. However; at the latest when this “knowledgeable person” is confronted with a completely new situation, he is perplexed or; (even worse) makes complete nonsense.

The problem with our school system is that far too little the logical mind is trained and for that; “Memorized Learning”.

I had also written a little something about this:

The main reasons for the extreme cognitive deficits in today’s humans

Humanity has an extremely high potential, a potential that few dare to dream of boldly.Nevertheless, if you look around the world and look at the cognitive weaknesses of most of our peers, you get over the cold horror.

The psyche of the vast majority of our contemporaries has frightening and dangerous cognitive deficits.

Mentally weak have always existed, and not only the average person, but also above-average intelligent, have never been free of errors and misjudgments.

Everyone and in every epoch is, more or less, beaten with the mobile phone cap, that he usually moves cognitively at the level of “associative thinking”.This is the “thinking” of the “lower ego”, which does not have what can be called logical mind. It only links things, concepts, situations, people, etc., with each other. Depending on embossing and conditioning. Unfortunately, only a tiny part of these couplings is triggered by real experiences or empirically verifiable facts. Most are, closely considered and questioned; Things, people, events, etc. that have no real causal connections with each other.

It is sufficient to have heard two terms or names together in the same conversation or to have read them in the same sentence or paragraph.Even if in reality these two were not associated in that conversation or document.

Especially in the case of traumatic or; particularly memorable experiences, is used in the aftermath, exempli causa; a person and an object that happened to be in the field of view at the time of this experience.

For associative thinking does not question and is not capable of recognizing paradoxes, however obvious.

For this reason, even even ludicrous claims are stored as “true” if they are only heard or left often enough.

In addition, the “lower ego” is almost entirely controlled by instincts.All his striving and “thinking” is designed to satisfy them.

Shoots are already laid out in the genes and; to the right extent and at the right time, they were in ancient times and many still today, quite meaningful.- However, since the “lower ego” is completely excessive and certainly knows nothing of the right time, this usually has fatal consequences.

All these “mechanisms” run unconsciously* and thus make the whole thing extremely questionable.- Especially; related to emotions.

Emotions, if they are based on a conscious decision or knowledge and are initiated just as consciously, are an extremely powerful force with which true miracles can be accomplished. Yes, even what is commonly referred to as “magic” and much more.- Yes; only if they are deliberately directed.

The fatal is; that couplings and shoots also generate emotions.The latter even express themselves mostly through emotions. Would be kopplungns trigger a “drigger” that immediately ramps up the corresponding emotions. Through these unconsciously undispered and undeflected emotions, everything that is present in logical reason and reason is completely superimposed.

Try; Someone who is inflaby or “in love” in frenzied rage to come up with logical arguments: – Futile effort!- Unconscious and unguided emotions are extremely dangerous and mostly destructive!

These are all cognitive cell phone caps that we have all struggled with, probably since the dawn of time.

You can control these by consciousness, intelligence and logical mind alone!

However, we will have to note that this is not so easy for most people today.

In the meantime, it has been scientifically proven that humans, 2000 years ago and probably; even earlier, apparently much smarter than today.

How can that be?Some people may ask. Today we have mobile phones, a lot of technology and such a great civilization!

It should be noted that all that we are so proud of today was conceived, developed, discovered and invented in the past centuries and millennia.All the foundations of our present knowledge were laid in previous generations, sometimes even thousands of years ago. Creative thinking of early epochs has only made our civilization possible. If we take a critical look at our current world, we even have to say that we, in the majority, have departed worryingly from the course originally devised.

They were often really good ideas, which now exist only as farce and have degenerated into a mirage of their own and inferior copies in the swamp of low desires (shoots) and character inadequacies.Be it social or technical achievements.

Yes; Let us now try to get to the fore the unseaworthy influences that brought the majority into today’s questionable state.Because only by recognizing the causes can one counteract this ominous process and improve the condition of human beings**.:

To this end, it must be borne in mind that knowledge can be acquired at almost every stage of life.In old age, this is a little slower, but it is still possible. However, logical intellect has to be trained at a young age. Later, this is hardly crowned with success.

Knowledge is helpful and valuable.However; without a sufficiently pronounced logical mind, hardly usable. Socrates already knew: “Knowing much is far from an intelligence.”

Thus it may well happen that an uneducated illiterate, who however has sufficient “lumen naturalis” / “common sense”, can understand a situation better and find a solution better than an “educated person” who has “stored” a lot of knowledge. , but is only poorly blessed with logical reason.

The decline in intelligence began very early, but happened very slowly.With the so-called “Industrial Revolution”, this regrettable development picked up speed and since about the 1970s it accelerated disastrously.

According to my findings, the main influences are:

#1: – The less man is challenged in his youth, that is; “must come up with something for yourself” and the more “authorities” dictate, the worse the preconditions for developing logical minds.

It should be mentioned that man tends to confuse competence and authority.Today more than ever. Since competence can only be recognized if one has a well-developed logical mind, for only with Him can one, for example; Paradoxes – and; you have at least some idea in the respective field. Since most do not have this or; “Competence” is absurdly fixed, depending on the coinage and conditioning, by appearance, euseres, rank, title and name. Sympathy also plays a role here.

There is also a certain “authority” that can lead to the fallacy; The one or the “above” will already know.- That is to say; which was less and less self-considered, creatively thought out and also less and less the logical mind was trained.

This began after the feudal ruling structures had established themselves.One simply listened to the authorities, auturities and sewage. In addition, then as now, even the parents, who do not know better or simply do not know better; are overwhelmed, instead of developing competence, insist on their authority. Sentences like; “Leave the thinking to the horses, they have bigger heads.”, are unfortunately not uncommon.

#2: – The confrontation with simple laws of nature also contributed to the development of logical minds.As was the case almost everywhere until the “Industrial Revolution”. What is now completely picked up by some “highly specialized professionals” and presents them with seemingly insoluble problems would have been a matter of course for the simplest peasant servant as late as the 19th century.

For example; that one can light a fire at the bottom and not above, that a burning candle should not be placed directly under a wooden shelf, that one can use more force with a long lever than with a short that the upper brick must overlap the lower outside, since water is just flying to the bottom etc., etc..

Around the last world war, everything was automated and every little thing was taken over by a “specialist” or an institution.Fewer and fewer people had to consciously deal with natural laws in their normal lives.

It became quite extreme, when in the 1980s, as a result of general anxieties of industry, media and politics, over-anxious and over-cautious became parents.Their children are panickedly kept away from direct contact with natural laws and playful experiences and experiments are made impossible for the children. Even the toy is now designed to suppress, rather than promote, imagination and creativity.

#4: – Especially in the last two to three generations, with the beginning of the so-called “information age”, the degeneration of cognitive abilities began to an apocalyptic gallop.

Information is, in itself, something very good, also the technical possibilities of information storage, communication, processing and the exchange of information of today, could be a blessing if these “paracelsical” (i.e. to the right degree, to the right) time and in the correct way).

However; as they are currently mostly used, their impact is catastrophic.

Not only since “I-Phone-Zombies” have been blindly stumbling through their environment and unfortunately; not just a grit-like phenomenon, but; are an alarming sign of deepest psychological, cognitive and social degeneration, but; already with the general spread of TV, this, probably the last, stage of degeneration to incapacity for life began.

The development of the cinematograph, the cinema, was still relatively harmless.Because; the visit to a cinema, took place as “something special”, usually only at the weekend and was, about; comparable to a visit to a theatre.

Before the TV was distributed, novels, reports, poetry, philosophical works and stories were read.The imagination, imagination and ability to imagination were trained and trained. Even the illiterate was not excluded, because they also told themselves stories or told about experiences. Even; Radio plays were still more conducive.

The ability to imagination is one of the most important prerequisites for creativity, planning, construction and logical thinking.

Reading or hearing descriptions and stories, the ability to imagine the corresponding visual impressions, feelings, smells, etc. develops.This is the basis for converting even your own ideas and thoughts into images in front of the “inner eye”, as well as; complex mechanical processes and the action of natural laws to imagine and thus; also to understand.

Since the general spread of TV, there is hardly any reading or listening.Instead, a flash flood of images that fatally activate, often unconscious “driggers,” is consumed. The computer and the Internet, although these pose other dangers, which are of secondary importance in this context, are only an increase and an intensification of the whole.

Important foundations for the development of creativity, ingenuity and; – logical thinking, are missing as a result.

One of the many resulting excesses, are, exempli causa; “Diploma artists” who have learned all the painting techniques, but; can only paint/sign and are therefore almost only capable of copying.

#5:- By this destructive way in which current information technology and media influence, the majority (i.e. almost all, except a few very conscious people, “leaveouts” or the miserable rest of archaic indigenous peoples) are flooded with a flash flood. overwhelmed by “information”, most of which; are completely unnecessary, pointless, stupid or wrong.

Advertisements, soap operas, advertising and propaganda are deliberately and unconsciously “stored”, while for one’s own creativity and for logical thinking, hardly any more; capacity is no longer available.These “many bundled images” and the way in which the man of today, by politics, media, corporations and mindless makers, is bombed with them also has an effect; infantilizing. The mental status of a six-year-old child has been empirically proven by many scientific institutions*** that a large proportion of “modern” people have remained at the level of a six-year-old child.

The effect that these infantiles, on a superficial view, “adult” and are captured and guided within a complex system, more or less “functioning”, is based only on conditioning and the “memorized learning” of work and work Instructions for action.

#6: – Another, not insignificant, factor for this destruction of mind and mind, is the school system:

In the meantime, “memorized learning” is being pushed.Reproduction of “knowledge” that was not understood. The promotion of one’s own independent thinking and logical mind has not only been completely restricted, but; Independent thinking, real logic and critical questioning are undesirable.

This has been the case even in the academic field.

Today, unfortunately, examinations are usually only passed if scientific “truths”, which are partly based on unverifiable claims and have sometimes been empirically refuted for 20 or more years, are re-emerged.Forced to plagiarism, own thoughts are suppressed and; nevertheless, they are expressed; in the most primitive-aggressive way, roared down.

Only when we know these six factors can we begin to counteract the evil and give our best to improve the state of the human mind.Only then will there be a chance for humanity to survive the coming turbulence without destroying itself and all of us’ habitat and; perhaps to make the leap into a new age, with better conditions.

*(“unconscious”/ “unconsciousness” has nothing to do with the “subconscious”.This is something completely different” and very valuable if you can “tap” it or give it an intention.)

**(Especially since we are currently living in an explosive epoch, which on the one hand is on the verge of a collapse of civilization and the destruction of our habitat, but on the other hand also the chance of an enormous leap of development and acquisition, so far unthinkable human abilities.)

(U.A.; Jean Ziegler, Head of the Jaques Pompidou Institute)

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