Why do I have the impression that right-tuning people are mostly low-skilled in Dutch disadvantaged neighbourhoods and seemingly have an average low IQ watching their statements? Is this a pattern?

Interesting question!

You are not the only one who wondered.American researchers had exactly the same question and went on to investigate.

Also not so crazy, given their current political situation…

Now the political situation in America is not comparable to the political situation in the Netherlands.But the surveys do have interesting results, which may answer your question.

Right-wing political parties are seen as conservative.In General, cognitive values are described as: traditional, respect for authority and social order, and do not have as much with innovation and change.

You have the idea that low-skilled/people with low IQ are more likely to vote right.This has also been proven in research:

  • Stankov found in 2009 proof that people with conservative views HAVE a lower IQ and a lower level of education .
  • Hodson and Busseri concluded in 2012 that children who SCORED low on IQ tests later (if they were adults) had more frequent prejudices and held conservative political positions on them. According to Dr, Hodson is not that crazy, because conservation positions represent ‘ structure ‘ and ‘ order ‘.

More on that later.

  • According to Kanazawa , Less-intelligent people are more often conservative than intelligent people. He says that this is an evolutionary cause .
  • When people were still living in tribes, they were very focused on their own tribe. Other tribes were seen as enemy. Are friends with someone outside your tribe? No Way Jos茅! Far too dangerous.You never know what their intentions are. Soon they kidnap you or eat them…

    So people are not actually made to do nicely against strangers.Liberalism (In his vision: strangers do not see as a threat) is therefore an evolutionary adaptation.And according to him, this is the reason why intelligent people have more liberal positions more often than less intelligent people.

    Of course, not all intelligent people hang left-wing positions, and right-wing voters are not all less intelligent.And there is natural research that proves the opposite.
    But that’s another discussion.

    I would like to conclude with a quote from Dr. Hodson who (in my opinion) summarizes it well: “Reality is complicated and messy.Ideologies get rid of the messiness and impose a simpler solution. So, it may not be surprising that people with less cognitive capacity will be that to web ideologies. “

    In 200 BC arose the philosophical thrust that we call the Stoicines.

    I am not a stoicijn but find it an interesting philosophy.

    So follow me on this think track.

    The smartest intellectuals that hang out on the inernet share an occasional quote from Marcus Aurelius.

    He is one of the most famous Stoicines and Emperor of Rome, later more on this.

    Someone who experiences intense feelings is very motivated to act.

    Bill Gates recently confirmed what’s going on on Twitter (see below, I’ve put a nice picture on it).

    I wrote more about it but the Handbook of Professor Cialdini describes how behavioural psychology is used to sell.

    Our feelings are used to sell.

    The media, newspapers, TV but also Facebook and Instagram, live from ad revenues.

    A major return factor for this media is fear, anger, anxiety,…

    And the color of the underpants of Rachel Meghan, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex of course.

    It’s about attention, clicks, and especially “likes”.

    Cialdini’s book is both a handbook for sellers, marketing people, media, politicians and behavioral psychologists.

    What does that have to do with the stoicines?

    Aha, now we are there.

    Nothing is out of itself good or bad.

    It is your thoughts, your feelings and your attitude that make an event a meaning.

    I too was a warrior.

    Against injustice.

    Against the power of employers.

    Against corrupt politicians.

    Against the pop poll that is an election, it never comes to content, right?

    The Stoic doctrine taught me to strive to observe instead of fighting.

    That is immensely difficult.

    But there is a whole world open.

    For whosoever is angry and anxious all the time, who makes himself sick.

    And it’s addictive.

    The world goes to the Sharks.

    Poor myself.

    Until you realise that the addiction to self-pity pushes you to the gutter.

    To never get out of it again.

    I can now say much better around me.

    People trapped in their own fear and anger.

    Complaining and sawing.

    Nobody says you need to give anything.

    Aurelius is an example where cruelty and slavery fit perfectly in the picture.

    I don’t delight the stoicines.

    But observing we should all be able to.

    Then you see how all media, anyone who earns money through advertisements lives up to attention.

    Feelings are artificially extended.

    If there is a big world-shaking disaster, you will be able to follow the last developments in the morning until the evening “LIVE”.

    There may be hours and hours of nothing to report.

    However, everyone is checking websites or for the tube.

    The fact is that these are huge peaks in terms of visiting websites and in terms of viewing figures.

    Advertising suddenly becomes much more expensive.

    There is every interest in getting you to return.

    The media dramatically distorting the image of reality.

    (Source: Bill Gates Posts Data of Causes of Death In THE US, Is Amazed By the Disconnect Between News And Reality)

    Back to the question.

    What is left and what is right?

    I was left, I was right and every time I noticed that I was in agreement with some right-wing positions, other than not again.

    And at the same time I agreed with some left-wing positions and other left-wing positions.

    Am I then center?

    No, not at all.

    If you are not for politician X, then you are against politician Y.

    The man who clicks “like” on Facebook has become binary, such as the computers.

    Either you are left and against the right, or you are right and against the left.

    Well, it doesn’t work.

    Binary is the following table:

    Left Right:

    1 0

    0 1

    0 0

    1 1

    I apologise for the limited visual abilities of Quora:-).

    The first two possibilities are promoted by the media.A newspaper is right or left. The editorial board has an opinion, the minority who does not agree, leaves the editors and so the editors are homogenous.

    But I can also find links wrong and wrong right.

    Or I can find left and right correctly.




    If you want to understand politics in the US, then you need to follow the Democratic media (CNN, MSNBC websites) and the Republicans (Fox News).

    What the one concede you find at the other.

    What both say, that strengthens the reliability.

    In Belgium, you have the PTB in Wallonie, the hardcore all power to the workers.

    I dare not put my hand in the fire in terms of the average IQ of a PTB-er.

    There is no right or left, look at Yves Leterme in Belgium, he hired a marketing guest in order to look with it theme he could be elected.

    That was the theme “Flanders”.

    Leterme does not give any bothering to Flanders.

    A politician has an image (Kris Peeters is the exception, a windbreaker has no image) and tries to find slogans that best suit those who are allowed to vote.

    Steered questions like these are pointless.

    Look, one cannot blame anyone stupid (lack of info) to be born.

    One can blame everyone for not trying to inform themselves of all the power but to remain stupid.

    You will be rambled with your feet.

    By left AND right.


    More money.

    Even more money.

    Because you are listening to the wrong people.Because also many left-wing low skilled make many stupid remarks…

    In addition, one also loses sight of the fact that some parties are put down as “right” while they belong more in the left-hand camp.The PVV, for example.

    (Image by Olivier Bommel-own work, CC0, File: Pol-landschap-2012. png-Wikimedia Commons)

    And that is quite interesting because the media usually puts the PVV away as the right, but they are really only because of their position on immigrants.

    They are actually cover than the CDA and D66!

    Another reason is that you often see students walking with demonstrations and protests from left-wing groups.And it is often thought that these students will be highly educated. But being a student of the art school doesn’t mean you’re high-intelligent. It only means that you have certain skills that fit into the art world. Students of geology or history can also often be seen in these protests. When they get older, J may encounter them in the local McDonald because they chose a study where there are virtually no jobs to be found.

    In addition, you should also realize what type of people you hear are protesting.These are mostly people with a lot of free time, because it takes time to prepare everything. Students can do this at school during pauses and free hours but working the Netherlands has a job that takes precedence. And most parents prefer to take care of their children first before they engage in protests.

    And that means you usually hear people who are actually a little outside of society.People from certain population groups. Often people who are low-educated because they are easier to motivate.

    Where you have to take into account anyway is that half of all the Netherlands are under the national average of intelligence.Yes, almost 8 million Dutchmen have a down-average intelligence! And for some, that’s quite shocking…

    People who understand statistics laugh about it…:-)

    Because you are listening too much to the left?

    Think about it. If you withdraw from the disadvantaged neighbourhoods, you will encounter more and more non-Western fellow-nationals nowadays.How right will those predominantly vote? Most of the right of the middle sits as far as I know at level Jan Modaal.

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