Why do I hate everyone? Am I depressed?

If you take a closer look at people’s appearance, it could well be that a lot of people seem to be hateful.

They are not obliged to hate them and should rather focus on the many positive little things that everyone can find in their lives.

As you know, the power comes with what we do.If you do nothing and just nag, there is no influx of power. This also means that the breathing flattens out and the body is supplied with far too little oxygen. A good start would be a daily walk or moderate endurance training in the fresh air, which brings back their good mood.

One might wonder why our politicians took an oath of allegiance for reasons of service law (…. For the benefit of the people…) in order to collect party donations in the millions to preserve the benefit of the wealthy.

The unspeakable influence of lobbyists on the legislation does not usually lead to the fact that even disadvantaged low-income earners have advantages from the allegedly unfaithful behaviour of political decision-makers.Although politicians know the answer, they hypocritically wonder where the disaffection of politics comes from.

Sensitive people have problems with their own shielding.This is all the less successful if, for example, one exposes oneanother to the media continuous sprinkling of state-of-the-art iPhones.

I think it is quite possible that useless continuous sprinkling helps to keep the so-called catastrophic thought loops of the brain alive.Untrained people struggle daily with 80,000 catastrophic thought loops about things that are not worth looking at in depth.

This deprives the body of a great deal of valuable energy.There remains a permanent depletion of mental and emotional forces with the result of constant dissatisfaction.

You should watch the daily course program for Zen meditation on Bavarian television (7.00 to 7.15 and 9.00-9.15).

I came across this information ten years ago and have benefited a great deal from it since then.This made it possible to concentrate on the essentials and to be satisfied with small partial successes.

The process of concentrating on “emptyness” = no constant thinking and comparison) means that these permanent thought loops dissolve relatively quickly and a profound satisfaction arises.

This simple meditation practice is free of charge and can be carried out at any time, for example in the waiting room, on the tram or subway.On top of that, they don’t have to pay a psychiatrist who might cause them to feel hate “because your expectations of the expensive expert” are nifiable. The main changes are made through daily practice from within.

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