Why do Freemasons not turn up?

Let’s make sure that you are right, they have to turn up.What does that mean? “Turning up” sounds a bit like “they have to understand that they are wrong, and that I am at the right end”. OK, what then? That they are not real masons? They know that though. I suppose you mean: that they should not secretly try to overthrow the world order, which is the popular opinion. The funny thing is that so many people think to know what ‘ secret ‘ societies do and want. If so, they were obviously not secret. More on that later.

There are many misunderstandings about Freemasonry.Freemasonry is a proponent of freedom of religion. That is also why the Catholic Church wanted to fight them with hand and tooth. The only reason that Freemasonry had was that this principle would lead to more craftsmen who could do their work anywhere (freely) and thus a better economy and society. It actually had little religious or philosophical starting point. Of course this plays in the medieval context in which most of the workmen were not free, but tied to the city where they were civilian. One could not just go from one city to another city and work there, as it is now.

However, the demonization by the church has led to all sorts of delusions about Freemasonry.What it certainly is not is a “secret society”. They are particularly open about what they do and follow an equal structure like for example the Rotary. It is nowadays just a network tool, a bit the real life LinkedIn. Almost everyone can join. On that ‘ almost ‘ I come back so far.

My wife recently searched for a space to rent and she happened to be in Freemasonry who wanted to rent out their space.Could she immediately ask if her mother was right with the assertion that the Masons could change themselves in animals. Then the journeyman (or whatever was his official degree) told the story that understood this myth. There was one… a freemason who had been robbed several times by thieves at night in his home burglaries. At one point there came a lizard in his house that he did not get away. Out of necessity he went to sleep outside in the forest. However, he also left his home unattended. Then he got the bright idea to spread the gossip that he changed at night into a large, magical lizard, and that he therefore no longer had to be afraid of burglars. The burglars apparently also heard this ghost story, and the courageous thief who tried to look through the window actually saw a large lizard, and the bed of the occupant was empty. So it was true!!!

Still believing on my island (Aruba) that when there is a lizard in your house, this may well be a Freemason.

If this kind of fairy tales is believed to be true, do you think it’s crazy that Freemasons have been given a bad name?

Actually, liberals are all Freemason.Look at the word free, so liberal. They both have the same basis: free trade leads to prosperity.An additional effect, however, is freedom, something the church did not like, because they lost their power.

Now come back to that ‘ almost ‘.There are two demands for becoming a free-spirier. The first is that you believe in a ‘ Supreme Being ‘. I am not baptized, my father is agnostic, and I do not believe in God. So when this gentleman told us, “anyone can become a member of Freemasonry, we are not closed at all. Everyone! Well, so long as you believe in God, but who does not believe in God? Even Muslims believe in a God. ” I quietly loved my mouth though. The second requirement is that you must be ‘ free ‘, which is not under the hard hand of the Stadhouderskade, which prohibits you from working somewhere else. A kind of ‘ league-clause ‘ that no longer exists at the city level (however, at national level, to work in another country, the chief of that country must give you a permit).

Luckily, there is LinkedIn, who only demands that you give up your privacy, and sell your soul to Microsoft.I have no problems with that.


“Free” in Freemasonry

Who says that Masons do not come to a turn?But let us first look at what is Intime. According to the Dutch dictionary-Woorden.org means “to think or do differently, because you realize that you thought or acted wrong”.According to the Facebook page of Loge de Troffel , the Freemason wants to become a better man.They write about this:

The core of Freemasonry is the commitment of each member to become a better man; Not better than the other, but better than you were before.

These do masons in a lodge, workshop or temple.The following is on the homepage of the lodge Le Prejuge Vaincu :

The workshop or temple is specifically designed for the execution of the rite.

The thought of Freemasonry is symbolically expressed here. The space invites to Inturn and reflection.

According to www.ethymologiebank.nl the same is the same as self reflection.You can read the following on the website of the lodge Willem Frederik Karel :

It is our duty as a Freemason to think well about the deeper meaning of everything that is said in the ritual.

If there was no meaning in the ritual, it would be pointless and within Freemasonry is nothing without meaning. Self-knowledge and self-reflection are huge tools to bring us to a proper understanding, a concept that leads to self-improvement, without us being aware of it or noticing anything.

So you see that “to turn up” is important for Freemasons and that they always work on it to arrive.

I take a little part in the idea that Freemasonry is a moral objectionable philosophy. Every human being has the free choice of religion and belief, as long as it does not materially conflict with other basic rights from the Constitution.As someone else once said , I totally disagree with you, but I will defend your right to your opinion.

From a Christian theological perspective, this issue concerning conversion and free will has been reflected in the debate and has been considered, but I will not repeat that.It comes down to the free will and responsibility of each human being to conform to universal truths and moral principles and guidelines, enacted by Lord Zebaoth the first and the last.

The question implicitly also contains the answer: that it is an individual choice, from the own view of Freemasons of the information received regarding moral principles and the decision to indicate whether or not to heed it.The final notion is that we have no information to what extent members of this society remain loyal to their beliefs. The assumption that that is 100% is not demonstrably proving.

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I can only answer your question with a question.
What is an inturn?

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