Why do flat Earth believers have problems to hear quantitative counter arguments? For example, a reproach is: ‘ Mathematics is not real ‘, or they ignore your arguments and start over something else. Or worse, begin to scoff.

There are quite a few flat Earth believers that are capable of calculating self-assertions about the shape and movements of the Earth.But they may realise that the flat Earth will not endure those calculations. Then but reject the whole quantitative foundation including mathematics.

Two examples of Flatearth reactions to my calculation of the centrifugal force AGV of the Earth’s rotation.

“Math does not make Earth a spinning zig zagging space ball in a vacuum void.You’re just not smart enough to grasp reality. “

“Your Space ball Earth religion is a scam.Parroting math equations does not prove you grasp reality. “

I am curious to hear of the flat Earth believers what their opinion is.

In addition, I see mathematics as a language, useful to describe phenomena for which words are missing in “regular” languages like English or Dutch.

Well, a silly vision requires silly arguments.

It is a CIA psy op. Some sort of gauge how far they can go with as well-educated sham science the masses can influence.In addition, people are looking for internet groups that tend to follow gurus and charismatic New Age super egos. Name just a few, the group that was once in the Hollow Earth theory, with indoor sun and a paradisiacal environment a.o., these groups are already decimated, just about everyone overflowed to the flat Earth. White People Rasta figures also have a weakness for this, can be, because by blowers do not like hard, ‘ keep it simple, keep is even, and go with the flow ‘, how flatter the earth how easier, chill man. These figures, which have been tattooed by unichorns, rainbows and Hello Kittie’s, have been kicked in. Rebellious extreme left, purely to be transverse too (which are the fierest).

But the group that you really need to take seriously, because they do not tolerate any counter-argument in the picture below.

Brrrr, who are scary Joh.

Because they are mostly religious fantasts, hate beards, crusaders and conspiracy thinkers.

Not the most gifted types.

As you have your faith of the Earth.

Claimed another that his informed knowledge is the truth.

That this is an emotionally intensive subject is because it affects a person’s identity, you can beat someone in a reality with questions that address their identity.

That the earth is around has been told to us. And in our time frame accepted as THE theory

1000 years ago, the Earth was indeed flat according to the time of faith. And over 1000 years one has another new truth that they follow

What the real truth is. Differed from both theories

Our brains are blind. It depends on senses.

Those senses do not at all catch what the brain thinks to see.

Light comes in as light waves

Like sound comes in as sound waves

These signals are transformed into electromagnetic impulses just as a PC reads a binary code and creates a picture of it, the visual cortex behind the brain makes a hallucination of what it thinks to observe based on energy frequencies and vibration

Everything is energy vibration and frequencies

And the earth is a simulation.

You can easily change your perception on this earth by lightly changing the chemistery in your brain.

What really is to be called if I can destroy your image of reality within an X number of minutes.. and replace

That the earth is around is social programming and does not matter if you look further.

How can you determinate what is real if we do not involve our perception apparatus.

We talk about the earth as something external but we forget to involve us receiving apparatus consciousness to count what you have created with hollow calculations by consciousness when you have no idea where those ideas come from at all.

Every person is trained by information from another copy monkey sees is monkey does

First, your parents tell you how to be, and then eventually think of school and you’ll be hanging through your life the labels you want to identify yourself with.

Every person is just a character with ideas

Your ideas are not even your ideas they are your given from your environment and social programming

Your name and date of birth could not exist without the idea of your parents to call you so and without the creator of a calendar sometime Tich years exist for you. Take the idea that people need a name and birth date away and who are you then what is you Idea of itself.Who are you without name identity culture or date.

When one does not know himself, he is regarded as something of his own.

We believe to be the ruler on Earth through our technology etc.

While my body is indeed dependent on nature I claim as an egocentric person as mine… my lungs are but half of the device which holds me alive… without trees do me lungs nothing.

We are part of nature we are only mentally disconnected which makes us now engage ourselves with pointless arguments as is the earth around or flat.

When you are familiar with different states of consciousness… you see the earth for what he really is.

Energy Vibration and frequencies

Our brain is a chemistery factory, built with a molecular structure, change the chemistery in your brain is changing your perception on reality. All the more Neuronetworks a man uses all the more mindeder he can develop

Reason: This is Your Brain on Acid (Seriously)-MAPS

Math not really?Does that mean that, for example, bookkeeping is fake? There stand on the balance sheet debts and receivables. Aren’t they really? I have a mortgage debt, a negative amount. Is that also fake? That would be nice. Then I actually have no guilt so.

But do flat-Earths not themselves use mathematics?What is their alternative to mathematics?

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