Why did the Mayans and ancient Egyptians have more knowledge of astronomy than Western civilizations?

The Mayans and Egyptians did not yet possess a fraction of the knowledge we have now.The question is based on an erroneous assumption.

The Mayans and the ancient Egyptians possessed the scriptures, allowing them to share their astronomical knowledge more easily.

The tribes of Western Europe did not know the scrhift, so we cannot exactly find out what Stonehenge has served, for example, and also the function of the dodecaheds continues to speculate.

The mysterious dodecahedron

The question can be read in several ways.I see that so far most answerers have read it as ‘ than Western civilizations now ‘. That is a very wrong assumption and I do not even want to go into that. Today we know more than the Egyptians and the Mayans. If only, the Earth after 2012 just continued to run.

‘ Then the western civilizations in the same era ‘, that looks more like a ‘ good answer ‘.

The first thing we have to admit is that we actually know very little about Western civilizations in similar eras.There are, for example, good arguments to assume that Stonehenge and various other ‘ stone circles ‘ in Europe were actually a kind of astronomical maps or astronomical ‘ bells ‘. If so, the astronomical knowledge in Europe could be older than that in Egypt or that of the Mayans.

Problem is, however, there has never been anything in writing.So We do not know what people knew and did not knew about the positions of the planets.

Development in Europe has, however, come to a halt with the introduction of Christianity.Studying stars and planets was seen as witchcraft or heresy. Everything that came off from a terracentrical worldview was literally too fire and sword fought.

The State of knowledge now?No, certainly not.

The great knowledge of the Mayan’s astronomy and the Egyptians comes directly from their contact with an alien civilization.We know these Extraterricians under the name of Atlanteans. The Atlantic Ocean is named after them. I do not know any persuasive evidence of their existence.

The knowledge of the Mayans and the Egyptians does not extend deeply.It is primarily a copy of the knowledge that has been provided to them by the Altlantians. Dimensions, construction and guidelines for the construction of pyramids. These pyramids are time/space/radio transmitters and generators for direct communication with the far away Galaxy Zslodon24/12, also known as The Atlantic giant, as we can read in the Hermetic scriptures.

A well-known report of our contact with these aliens can be read in the Bible book Exodus.God is in reality an alien entity. It is also interesting to read how the Ark of the Covenant is an electrically charged tool of these extraterre-strials.

Unlike the Mayans and Egyptians, the astrology of the two-stream country is based on its own perception.As a result, this astrology is at the cradle of our intelectual evolution

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