Why did evolution Inuit not coat, like the polar bear?

Eskimo should no longer be a word.It is for the Inuit and Joepik a beledeging.

Evolution is a necessity for change.If you already have clothes, that is no longer necessary. That does not mean that we do not evolve. Take the Bajau a nomads people.

The Bajau live either on boats or in huts on stilts on shallow reefs.In fleets, they migrate with full clans from one place to another on the water. Almost 60 percent of their days spend in the sea, looking for food. Their diet consists almost entirely of fish and crustaceans. The diving capacities of these sea creatures are wondedly. They can dive up to 70 meters deep and keep it full under water for up to 13 minutes, armed with only a wooden diving goggles and a spear. For at least 1,000 years the Bajau lives that way. Now, scientific research shows that their body has just miraculously adapted to their lifestyle. The Bajau have become less human and more sea creature. The gradual evolution process of Darwin by natural selection? It is still going on.

The scientists investigated the DNA of 59 Bajau via a saliva donation and also analyzed their spleens ultrasonically.Also 34 members of the Saluan, a people of real 鈧?虄landrotten , but closely related neighbours of the Bajau, were examined as control group. The spleen scans show that those of the Bajau are no less than one and a half to two times larger than those of the Saluan. Zo N larger spleen is particularly interesting for the underwater fishermen, because it provides more oxygen in the blood. In addition, there was no connection with whether a member was a productive diver within the group or in comparison spent more time on a boat. Evidence that evolution has been dragged into the entire population and is not a result of much practice during one human life.

> If these people were to live for millions of years, they might be a species of dolphins or whales in the long term.

The DNA analysis tells a similar story: The researchers discovered mutations in the genes of the Bajau.For instance, there is a mutation in a genome that regulates the activity of a gene involved in blood circulation, so that blood can flow to oxygen hungry vital organs. In addition, there is a mutation in a gene responsible for the production of carbonic anhydrase, an enzyme that slows the buildup of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream, a phenomenon that is associated with extreme diving. In addition, the changes in the genes could be linked to muscle contractions around the spleen. All together, the scientists argue that the need for the Bajau to get to food through scuba diving has led to evolution.

The children also appear to have special lenses in their eyes that give better visibility under water.

Enlarged Spleen key to diving endurance or 鈧?虄sea Nomads there you can read the story.

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