Why did Communism fail? Why would anyone want more in a universally equal society?

‘ Communism ‘ has not failed, but it is all dictatorial implementations of communism.

Now it is not that the inhabitants of communist countries have committed themselves enormously to more democracy, it was an economic implosion which has broken the Soviet Union and which also led China to admit capitalistic elements.

Apparently, under revolutionary Communists, a consensus emerged that communism and freedom for the laborer would only be possible if you impose on top what and how much is to be produced.That has clearly not worked.

Communism fails by the struggle of self-interest.

In essence, the communist system is fine.No one needs to worry anymore if there is enough to eat, there is no own possession and everything is shared. Therefore, one should actually become a communist, for the sake of self-interest.

However, self-interest requires the individual to be worried about his survival.After eating and drinking, safety and security is at the second position. That means you have to have more power (= power) than another or that you should be able to buy from another who has more power than you, so that you can shelter under his umbrella. Here you need more resources than another. More capital to become more powerful.

At the top of the pyramid of Maslow stands recognition and appreciation.For the man who has almost everything already, this is very important. You can see this on our bonuses system. Why would you want to have a five-tonne bonus with an income of one and a half million? Precisely, for that prestige, because that manager at that other department only gets four tonnes. More prestige is again more power and a step higher on the social ladder, higher on the monkey Rock.

These two forms of self-interest are in continuous struggle with each other, so the capitalist in US wants to destroy the Communist in US and vice versa.

It should not take more advantage of revenue, if you do an invention, have a good idea, or just work very hard, that you should not have more than one who cannot or does things, that is to say that nobody sticks out his neck anymore , nobody wants to run more risks, no one starts a company or company.All the good ideas are no longer, or are not executed. The incentive to personal growth and thus gets to life in the slob. Disappears. Why would you? If that disappears on a personal level, it can also not work at the social level. The USSR tried that, but the experiment failed. The mess just hangs.

Now, so many years after the USSR, the opposite, a kind of wild West capitalism is great in Russia.Money is everything, if you can have money and allowed everything there.

It has gone from crooked left to crooked right.We are so mad not yet in Western Europe. Those who have good ideas can become rich, often (no guarantee), and who really can’t, which is supported by the state, so the whole community.

Perhaps Marx meant this more than what was tried in the USSR.

Is universally equivalent: equal opportunities.Not be Equal Outcomes ! That death is any incentive for improvement.
You can earn as much as you want.It is true that the Lithoyen must be shared with the community. The tax in many Western democratic countries is therefore not very low. Here up to 60%, in Sweden sometimes up to 100%…

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