Why can’t mankind have anything more from others? Everyone is so quickly offended nowadays.

This is because many children from childhood are told that they are victims and that everything is the fault of someone else if something fails in life.They get to hear from childhood that their feelings matter. The rest of the world must take this into account.

What turns out when they grow up?The world does not give a butt to their feelings and why should that be?

If you teach children to take personal responsibility for their own lives instead of linking their identities to a particular group.The world owes you nothing at all and the only way to make some of it is by working hard and doing your best.

There are always those around you who are more fortunate or where it seems easier to go but life is not fair and never goes.Let that loosen and concentrate on your own life. Do not compare yourself with anyone else alone with the person who was your yesterday. Take responsibility for your own failure, learn from it and do it better next time. Then you can also do that in a success.

Someone who is so educated will not insult you quickly because he knows he gets the maximum out of it.Then a joke is also just a joke because there is no truth in it.

While the child who has been raised as a victim will be very quickly offended by a joke because he feels addressed.He knows deep inside that he can do more than he shows because he is taught that it does not make sense because other people will always oppose him.

Even if in some cases it is so that other people or circumstances will oppose, a child has nothing to be angry and frustrated about his whole life.It is best to work twice as hard and to prove the other wrong. Then the following generations can reap the rewards.

This depends on what viewpoint you are taking.From the point of view of white men, society has become less fun, because it is less about them alone. I can assure you that every other group thinks that life has gone ahead for them.


Because they are allowed to occupy place.Because they are seen. Because they are no longer (so very) discriminated against. Because they have to be taken into account and become. And how did that come about? By hard to do. By 鈧?艙nagen 鈧?about jokes that are not nice jokes but comments that are meant to keep minorities small. By 鈧?艙klagen over unequal treatment.

It is a fact that change does not come by friendly questions, but by difficult doing.Society is changing so that more groups feel at ease except the white man is accompanied by violence, sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively.

So, is it really so that everyone is irritated so quickly?Or is it so that everyone in the past was already so interested, but just got z n mouth because it did so?

Yes, that’s the last.It is now openly that we may say 鈧?艙stop saying that you are crazy if you are transgender bent 鈧?or 鈧?艙we really don’t like that company refuses to accept Homo s. 鈧?Just assume that we found things like that 40 years ago TOO annoying. But then we couldn’t say it. And now it does. That is very fine for us. And for the people who are accustomed to how it was and can not imagine (or want, those people you have unfortunately) create what it is like to live as a minority in a society and not to live openly, it takes some getting used to learning other behaviors.

That is mostly uncomfortable.

For our minorities it is life threatening.Where you guys complain about 鈧?艙i shouldn’t make any jokes anymore 鈧?we complained about 鈧?艙i may not even come out for the fact that I love women and also of men. 鈧?p>

I do know what I find worse.I find that complaining about 鈧?艙i shouldn’t make any jokes anymore 鈧?but whining. People who do that have no insight into how much life was for us minorities, and just want to leave everything in the old, everything so that they can still joke.

Weird Priority ^ ^

I don’t know if that is so. I think people just do a lot more with others that they don’t need to know so well in impersonal contact.This has two consequences: if you do not have to look at someone if you say something, you can easily tell unkind things that you don’t dare to say otherwise and if you have been irritating for a while on how people talk about anything you can use that moment to make it the person To blame that he/she says something bad about a group you identify with. The consequence is that there are more disagreement about slight problems that were previously raised, perhaps only because it is easier and not so much because no one can have anything else.

There is a strong social tendence that we have a right to our vulnerabilities, while they only stand in the way of developing an integrated personality.Only by going through our vulnerabilities and working with them, for which the confrontation is inevitable, the potential for development can be addressed.

I suspect 鈧?娄 we live in a very competitive, fast and individualistic society.We have promised us everything, but in the end we have really not gone forward in a number of respects. Low-paid jobs, precarious employment, little satisfaction in the business. Private lives that are also easily on the slope. Those things are in mind, and come out as a kind of unfocused, vague malaise, which can escalate. Especially if you find that many are in the same boat, and no one seems to know how to get out of it.

People are just as quickly insulted as they used to, they only learned to stand up for themselves.

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