Why are working mothers taboo in Japan?

There is hardly any.

Let me start from a photo of a public gentleman’s toilet that my then partner made a few years ago, when he was first in his life with me on vacation, and in Japan was:

Just apart from the fact that the toilet was clean, and there were all advanced things on and on.

What stands out is the child seat, for small children. And outside picture also hangs a folding chair on the wall so that small and do not have to sit on the floor if daddy needs to. Outside the toilet, next to the washbasins was also another facility to change diapers. It improves slowly, but in the Netherlands you will not often find such facilities in public men’s toilets. But that is not surprising either, because in Japan nowadays I see men running behind strollers more often, or with their frummel in a sling, then I see that in the Netherlands.

That said..

Yes, there are still a few conservative companies where young women with a low position are offered a dismissal when they are pregnant.But there are less and fewer. The large majority of Japan’s economic and industrial weight is borne by small (family) businesses, who cannot afford to miss a working force. There are also more and more frequent childcare possibilities or facilities for the large companies.

Most of the ‘ taboo ‘ comes from women themselves (this sounds the Dutch children’s owners well known in the ears).Women have traditionally been the boss of the house and often find that the education of the children is primarily their responsibility. A marriage and pregnancy are often good reasons for them to stop working, fortunately this changes slowly.

Koddige Anecdote: A good friend of mine was once married with a Japanese.But after a few years he complained, above a beer: “During the betrothal nothing to the hand… but my wife decides 脙 隆 Lles.How much of my salary goes to the savings account, I even have to beg for spending money. What religion our children get. Which schools they go. What to wear when we enter the city in the weekend. ” I soon began to see where the old Japanese housewife’s saying comes from: “a good spouse is healthy and outdoors.”

It’s not that they don’t do anything.

Japanese mothers are the most illustrious forex (foreign currency exchange rate) investors in the world, and they ALWAYS go short on the JPY.Their nickname is Mrs Watanabe and in the past they have managed to influence the course several times in their favor; They are with a lot, they are bloodthirsty and they are successful.


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