Why are there so many questions about Narcisten? What exactly does it mean? I only know that narcissists are vain people.

That is exactly how much I knew about it, before I had one in my life.

Selfish someone.

It is more someone who is mentally not good in his head, but as normal man goes through life.He/she lives at cost of others. While you don’t see anything wrong with them when you meet them. They seem nice and socially feeling, honest and amazing. Innocent.

That’s why I write about Narcisten here.The pain that you will take if you allow one in your life, as a partner, is indescribable.

I hope by writing about it, making it a little harder for the narcissist to make victims.To do what happened to me is to avoid doing it for others. For all those who read about their eyes open, so they are wary of them when they get someone on their path.

Narcissists are all different, and you also have different ” ̃species “™.

My ex was covert.What content you don’t notice when you meet him, unless you know where to look for when he/she tries to palms you as a partner.

His/her intent is to make you totally into the palms, you completely fall in love with them.And your caution to drop for them. With the goal that you will fully open your heart to them, and their full intake as the great love of your life, and you do not hold back from yourself. So that you are most vulnerable to them. They do so by being vulnerable. To tell yourself sob stories to you. That will make your condolences play, and make you more open to them.

If you are in total state of infatuation then he/she will slowly try to push the boundaries you have both discussed.

Slowly you’ll find out that you have a ” ̃cat in the zak”™.And nothing is as you thought it was. That he/she did not like you at all as he/she whispered and smounded in your ears every day. And that he/she led a double life. On dating apps was always looking for new sex partners behind your back. Had different phones so you didn’t find out. The phone he/she took home had two accounts, one of which you didn’t know anything, and you never saw it.

That from the moment he/she came into your life he/she had all the information they could swipe from you, while you were sleeping, and dreaming about you, great all victorious love for each other.They do this with the hope of finding something that they can later use against you at the moment you turn against them, when you find out who they are. So that they can ruin your life.

That there are many questions is because it is very emotionally charged for people who have such a person in their lives.Devastated their entire lives. There is emotional predatory construction perpetrated on that person. All you think is the truth, in your life, it is opposed to what you thought it was. All of a sudden your great life has turned into a horror nightmare twilightzone. Nothing is like you thought it was.

If you confront them about what you know, a very different person will emerge.One that you didn’t know at all. That you did not know existed. Very screaming, and switching of personality. Sometimes the lovely man/woman you were so in love with was back again. And then again the other. Incredibly gas lights, what’s even worse is that it’s going strange. He/she will try to draw you into their sick world, where you have no idea what imagination or reality is. If you do not go in, you will be put on the side.

If you are single, and looking for a life partner, read about how you can recognize someone before you start something with them.

Narcisten you have in all shapes and sizes, and we all have something of it in us.Incomprehensible to the outside world it becomes if it is a psychopopathic behavior disorder. For then you have people hiding their true behind a mask and manipulating, deceiving, and emotionally emping others. Amazingly it is how good they are in their, already from childhood, staged show (as Survival Strategy). They showcase a great charisma and great ability to the outside. If you are prey to such a narcissist as a child or as a partner, you become a victim. Famous, psychopopathic Narcisten, are often the world leaders who have nothing and no one to go for money, power and self-glorification. It is a subject that you are not being refocused on because these people are extremely fascinating and because, especially now, they are in the world of interest through the Internet.

Many people confuse arrogant, selfish people with clinical narcisten.And like everything humanly, the term is hard abused for political crap.

But as far as I know it is that narcissists need the adoration and appreciation of others as if it were a drug.

I can be reasonably arrogant and selfish.But it will rust me to my ass or people worship me.

I slowly believe that the questions about narcissists come down to it.How do I manipulate someone who doesn’t do what I want in doing what I want.

But opinions will differ.

Vanity is a firm part of a narcissist.But vanity in itself does not make a narcissist yet.

Many women would be a narcissist with that broad term.Since they are not used differently than there is almost always someone who want them.

Think people ask a lot of questions because they no longer see the forest through the trees.And with the growing confusion they see Dalijk through the branches the leaves the tree no longer.

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