Why are there so many omnivores who hate the vegan?

Because people can quickly feel that they are judged.

Even ‘ N Example: You’re on a party, totally cozy, 12 beers behind the pick you ask someone else if they want a beer.
“No, I don’t drink alcohol.”
At this moment you are suddenly aware that you already have 12 beers behind the pick, and that not everyone at this party is in the same mood as yourself.In fact, some people are not drinking at all. Are they trying to say something about me now? Do they sometimes feel better than me or so?!

Not everyone responds so, but honestly is honest, practically everyone recognizes themselves here ‘ n bit. That one feels judged when it comes to alcohol is because everyone knows somewhere that alcohol is not good. But most people are not so strict in that, and afford certain things that are strictly not healthy.You may have noticed that the person in the example did not even express a judgement, but only gave some information about himself.
Just for the sake of clarity, I am also one of those people who can afford a little.I like to drink a beer, I smoke and I eat (sometimes) meat.

But well, here about veganism.Everyone knows how the factory looks. Everyone has a suspicion of the antibiotics pumped into those mass stalls. And ‘ r are also a good number of people who understand how many breads you can bake from the grain needed to raise a pig. Veganism is one of the best things you can do for the world. And a lot of people know it secretly, but choose to award certain things to themselves.

You have vegans who are very pushy, I also see them on the Internet.But the vegans and vegetarians I know are not at all concerned with propaganda. So I think people do know that meat eat MSS. Not the best, and when ‘ n vegan ‘ says to be vegan, people feel reminded of the choice they make. It almost feels as if the vegans want to smear your guilt, but I think that this is often something that belongs to the listener, and that in this example the vegan does not have to have the intention to give up a guilt.

At least that is what I think ‘ Rvan ‘, and I would recommend people who are annoyed with vegans or vegetarians to first take a look at themselves.Perhaps you feel that is not pronounced. And if you’re really interested in getting to know yourself, it’s probably interesting to ask yourself where that sense of assessment comes from.

Because many (just begun) vegans often tend to point omnivores to the abuses in the milk and meat industry and all that is wrong with what you are contributing to as Omnifront.People don’t like to be confronted with reality in this way, certainly not when they hear/realise that they are part of the problem. It feels as if you are rightly pointed out.

It is especially nice to hear good things about your bad qualities then you always have an excuse to continue on the same path and you do not have to take any responsibility.If then such a nasty vegan will tell you that you are badly busy he/she is actually just a preacher who is trying to impose his/her life style.

Moreover, think that ‘ hate ‘ is a bit disappointing, also because many people know deep inside that it would be better if we would not abuse and kill animals unnecessarily but for different reasons (convenience, culture, fear of the unknown etc.) the step to Will not make veganism.

When you actually hate a vegan, you wonder if you hate that person yourself or the fact that he/she is vegan because in my opinion you can’t hate the principle that your animals don’t want to die or hurt , if you do like to hurt animals or make a death, M.I. says a lot about you as a person.

Being vegan is a choice, and I think this is fine.Where I, as omnifront, have a problem with it, is that many vegans, my choice to meat and dairy attacks.

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