Why are there relatively more shootings on campuses in the US than compared to other countries?

One very obvious reason is, of course, that access to firearms in the US is much easier. If you can take a pistol at home from the kitchen drawer, you will be able to grab a weapon much sooner than if you have no idea how to get to a firearm.

A second non-trivial reason is that society in the US is much more polarized than in most other afflude countries.It is currently very visible because Trump is trying to feed this polarization further, but it has been raging in American society for decades. Mutual hatred between ethnic and social groups, a strong mutual difference between the ‘ cool guys and galls ‘ and the ‘ dweebs and nerds ‘ etc. People are pushing each other faster in the ‘ Verdom Nook ‘, with a very strong pressure on them to perform above all but still.

A third factor is the role played by the media.Every shooting is widely measured and receives an enormous amount of attention. If you are planning to put an end to it yourself, then you do so with a lot of media attention, when you ‘ bring along ‘ a large number of people.

According to many, the increase in the number of ‘ campus shootings ‘ is mainly due to the increasing media attention to this.

I think that the availability of weapons is a debit. Other factors are certainly not to exclude (such as the cowboy and Superman image that Americans now have of themselves) but in view it should be taken that the nigh unlimited free choice in the purchase of firearms in the USA only is surpassed by the availability in Svalbard (Norway) where armed on the road WITHOUT a firearm is forbidden by law, given the number of stray polar bears.In the absence of polar bears in most of the USA, the weapon possession could therefore be drastically reduced, or reduced to ZERO

Free weapon possession without strong background checks and there are no restrictions regarding mental health.A poor health system with little support for mental health problems is definitely a factor.

You could also point out the low education standards.Logic is also becoming less of an acceptable concept in the US. (As an American I am glad I received my education in the Netherlands).

Funny enough, the majority of Americans support stricter policy around weapon possession, but the NRA lobby is very strong in political influence which has changed little.

There are relatively more shootings for the following reasons:
1.There are more inhabitants than compared to other countries
2.There is a polarization between the parties. Not that this is more than in other countries, but in the US the political correctness has shifted so much that it polarizes more than it would bring together.
3.There is always a lot of media attention for this type of business so that it gets more publicized than in other countries, and it also attracts shooters, because so someone (perpetrator) gets attention.

Campuses are a “GUN FREE ZONE” and will therefore respect the ordinary citizen.The idiot who wants to make many victims will NOT respect this and knows that he will hardly suffer any resistance there. Those onozelers who want to make as many casualties as possible and seek no confrontation. So, a GUN FREE ZONE is the ideal place to go killings.

I do not know the American (or local) laws well enough but thought the background checks were too desired or just not existing.
Personally, I think there is a lot of work on the shop here.

However, I do not think that the weapon possesses so much to do with it.Switzerland is such an example. There, most adult men have their arms at home. Get to practice the X-time ammo. However, you rarely hear anything from shootings there.
Much more of a mentality-issue than anything else.But yeah, who am I:)

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