Why are there relatively many more obese people in the US?

80% of the people in America live from salary to salary.If the washing machine is going, all those people cannot pay for it themselves, then they have to enter into a loan and get into debt.

That’s not because they are lazy and don’t work hard enough.The minimum wage has not been or barely raised for 40 years, and people now earn, if you compensate for inflation and this, less than then.

Many people need more than 1 job to get around.And even then it often fails. There are food vouchers you can use, and most people who make use of it just work.

Prices of rents and foodstuffs have risen enormously.What has remained cheap are prepackaged and greasy and sweet things. There is also something like “Food desert:” Outside the larger cities the supply of fresh things is much smaller and much more expensive. Much less choice so, and pay a lot more money for that choice.

But because people have to work so hard (and get no or barely holiday) they have less time to cook, less time to delve into how than the things they can afford to prepare.That means not only that their own families eat worse, but also that their children do not learn to cook.

My wife has some younger colleagues who really have no idea how to cook them.They can heat things up, but far beyond that they don’t come.

So what do they do?Warming up, indeed. And eat the takeaway (read McDonalds).

There are many more real arms.The cheap food is sugar, fat and carbohydrates.

Fruits and vegetables are priceless.

Portions of junk food are much larger.Ordinary portions do not exist, only large and super large.

If you grow up between fat people and you have a normal weight, they will say ‘ What are you skinny, you have to eat better ‘.

The whole system is based on the idea that much and big is always better than less and smaller.This also applies to portions. Everything is a lot and made so that it appeals to our basal eating instincts, so with a lot of fat, salt and sweet. Americans love ‘ All you can eat ‘, or in any case portions that an ordinary person cannot do. Fast food restaurants compete on the size of the portions and people become accustomed to increasing food.

It is ultimately due to hyper-capitalism.The food sector sees people only as a food consumer. If pizzas sell better if the producer makes them fatter and salty, then you do that as a pizza Baker and all competitors follow right away. That you are so people fattening keeps them not busy.

During a very long time in our history of worship, short periods of abundance changed with long periods of scarcity.Our bodies are still set to this pattern. At the time of abundance, people were full to be able to survive the inevitable following scarcity thanks to their fat layers.

Instinctively, we therefore quickly seize to eat fat and to eat that can saturate for long periods of time.Our second tendency is to eat sweet food. This preference comes from our breast milk. Sweet was formerly very limited available.

Advertising people know these strong instinctive preferences.If a country is dominated by advertising and marketing, it is the US. Those who find a formula to earn money quickly will get ample job.

For instance, products like burgers arose: fat and sweet.To make them even more attractive they are reasonably priced. Most obese people can be found in the lower income groups. People in these groups are more often lower educated. Higher educated often think more critical and individual and know that self-efficacy is good. This makes them less susceptible to consuming thickening convenience foods.

The fact that the US has the most obesity is due to American culture.It is highly conformist and much less than for example. The French culture, aimed at developing independent, intellectual thinking and on the development of culinary sophistication. In America, it’s about joining the mainstream with a big smile and not just brushing dicks. Food is a side issue and cultural scattering should consist mainly of easy amusement as a reward for hard work. In addition, most Americans prefer to move by car, even for very small distances. Most obese people live there in the southern states, especially since the invention of air conditioning. Since that invention, people are rather inside. Inside you move less and air conditioning seems to stir up the appetite further.

Many high calorie processed foods eat in too large portions, few fruits and vegetables, few vitamins and minerals, but many saturated fat, carbohydrates and proteins.

Too little movement, but practically everywhere the car for use instead of the bike or on foot and little sports.

The problem that the US is currently facing is a mighty lobby of the soda industry and that many American cities especially in the West are not equipped with pedestrian and bicycle traffic, but just about everything is done with the car and there also plays That in American culture is often eaten in restaurants.

Incidentally, the United States is not even the most obese country in the world and is ranked 17th in the world ranking of the average highest BMI.There are sat Pacific island States where people are even thicker and also many Arab countries. The same story applies to those Pacific island State, many high-calorie foods especially rich in sugars and little movement, there is also a lot of diabetes. In the Arab countries, it is mainly the women who raise the average because they stay in a lot of indoors and as a result too little movement.

Until a few years ago Mexico stood higher in the list than the USA also there much processed food was eaten with many saturated fats.However since a number of campaigns in 2008 and 2012 it seems that these have effect and is declining obesity in Mexico. There is a campaign to tackle childhood obesity, campaigns to encourage sports such as football and wrestling (both are very popular in Mexico) and also there is a tax introduced on junk food and soda and all those campaigns have effect, Nevertheless, a third of the Mexican population still suffers from clinically overweight.

They use their status symbol, the car, also to bridge the short distances.

Certainly in the more wealthy neighbourhood is going on foot or cycling something that only children will do.

As soon as they can drive a car (and have a car or borrow one) they are going to do that, too!

In the years 50, well after WWII, there was an American research on hunger in the world.Among the hungry countries, not only African countries, etc. were counted, but also European countries including the Netherlands. Dutch commentary was, that we ate 2x as much as was good for us, but the Americans 4x! Several valid causes are mentioned below, but the general reason is that they continue to cram with disgusting large amounts.

This is what I have seen.Furthermore, I think the percentage is little, the size is;)

  1. They do everything by car.
  2. There is a plethora of fast food chains.
  3. Fast Food is affordable
  4. Food packaging is very large
  5. The portions are Huge (Great Value!

) Much in advance prepared food, idiot large portions.

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