Why are there no programming languages in Dutch?

In The years 80 there was the programming language ECOL to teach children In Primary School to program.He had Dutch keywords.

For serious programming, it makes no sense to create other programming languages for each country.You only suffer from this because, as a speaker of a small language, you are always with older versions of software that are less developed and cannot cooperate with programmers from other countries. They are not going to learn cheese.

There are actually localized programming languages.The ALGOL-68 standard For example allows explicit space for it in another natural language casting of the keywords. In addition, at the end of the years ‘ 80 the LCN Logo variant was used, which worked with keywords as ‘ REPEAT ‘; Similarly, a later Logo version called ‘ Super Logo ‘. There was also a Dutch ‘ dialect ‘ of AppleScript, as well as Dutch variants of the scripting languages of MS Word and MS Excel. Nowadays there is still a Dutch version of Robomind, and also One from Scratch.

However, there is a very basic reason that it is not directly sensible to work with such translations.The key words in the programming language convey an intuition, but always have a specific meaning in the context of the programming language, a meaning that rarely completely corresponds to the meaning in the natural language. Because you have to learn that difference, it is of little added value that the keywords are available in your own natural language. For example, you see this very well in the case of LISP; The original ‘ keywords ‘ (cons, car, CDR) in that language have no direct meaning in any natural language, or APL, which consists entirely of symbols.

Because DOS is the constitution in the field of programming language and that language is in English and is converted again into binary code.You can customize languages in the interface of a program but it is not possible to change the programming language to date since all the software on the international market is MS DOS (Microsoft disk operating system) related.

If you are going to communicate Dutch against a only English understanding system then the system will not be able to convert this into understandable language.Hence programming can only be in English, only the Chinese and Russians have the privilege to be able to program in their own language by being able to convert the keyboard settings in their language but it is and remains English.

A programming language is used to tell the computer something.In practice, you give the computer explanations of what to do, and deliver the computer data to work with.

The way you structure data and the list of instructions you can give are usually not unique to that one programming language.Other languages have similar concepts and ultimately everything has to be translated into something the processor understands. Fellow programmers need to be able to read your work, as you learn from others again.

The jargon that belongs to us consists mainly of English words.You can obviously explain to someone in any language what those English terms mean, but the use of the English definitions is almost inevitable if you want to communicate clearly.

You can of course invent a programming language in Dutch, and for every usual English definition choose an appropriate Dutch word, but it does not get much easier on it, after all, you still have to learn what a word means exactly, what Does an instruction exactly, but that learned word is worthless when you pick up a book, read other programming languages, or try to consult with a fellow programmer.

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