Why are there more and more people who do not vaccinate their children?

Those people were always there, however, they now get a bigger platform by social media to share their opinion (usually on not too large and/or inaccurate facts based) with people who are susceptible to it.

Because the people who are susceptible to it are more exposed to those negative views on vaccinations, something like an oil slick is spreading.

Another aspect is that most parents have never been able to perceive the impact of the diseases that they should vaccinate their children.

Until sometime the beginning of this millennium there were also people who did not let their children vaccinate.That was largely for religious reasons, but you saw the number of rerunning.


Long ago, in a country not far from here, one Mr. Andrew Wakefield wrote in 1998 a fraudulent article, which was published by The Lancet, an authoritative medical professional journal.

The General Medical Council (GMC) investigated the claims of Wakefield, found 36 allegations proven, including 12 cases of misuse or falsification of data from children with developmental deprivation.He has always refused to validate his article or have it validated by means of a controlled investigation. For that reason, he has been removed from the UK medical booth, and in the USA, where he now resides, ‘ IE has no license whatsoever.

He maintains himself by earning money from the fears of vaccines.That’s something you see more often in conspiracy theories: they are usually helped in the world by people who deserve it. Belazer the masses, then rings your checkout.

Although the Lancet has long withdrawn the article as a deceiving, evil had already happened.The theory that there would be a link between vaccinations and autism is, although proven wrong, to lead the University of Facebook into a life of its own. Part of it is caused by people who like to have a financial hitch on the anti-vaxxer hype (write a nice booklet about it, and Ka-ching!)

See also Andrew Wakefield-Wikipedia

Because apparently there is not a good lesson given a number of years.

Things like your immune system, how resistance works and how working vaccinations are apparently not well explained.

Logical reasoning, also no more something learned.Apparently a fake search is more credible than 100-and others.

All that.

Or people are just retarded.Take your pick

Because, through a false sense of generosity, we are suddenly questioning all sorts of scientifically proven facts.

People swap critical thinking with criticism to have everything.They swap independence with irresponsibility.

I am afraid that this has to do with a ‘ dumber ‘ of the general public, which is everywhere in sight and with the ever higher numbers of migrants with low education.
The doctor used to say to the family that this was a better protection for the children and the people followed that counsel, even though earlier generations had seen the effects themselves of the diseases in question.Now people often read (unreliable) articles on the Internet that tell how “harmful” all those “unnecessary” vaccinations are, and people like drama and conspiracy theories, so they follow that bad counsel.

The only reason I can imagine that someone is not doing something like this explicitly is because the risk of vaccinating would be greater than not vaccinating.

So perhaps these people are simply not informed about the risks of not vaccinating.There may be scientific publications that indicate a risk of vaccinating.

Many of these anti-vaxxers are not medical but in a different field highly educated, and think Abusivelijk that they have all the intellect.

They are continually being put on the wrong leg by anti-VAX websites that are allowed to unhindered their false “for litures”, freedom of expression, a great good.

They have the luxury because precisely because of the impassioned, maligled, vaccinations, they have never been confronted with the consequences of these diseases throughout their lives:

Who still knows of children who died of polio, or times, sometimes life-long on breathing machines, at that time the iron lung

And many more that were mutilated lifelong,

Also no almost unknown post polio syndrome the underrated effects of polio

Who has ever seen someone go to tetanus death, a terrible disease that is so good to avoid with vaccination, if one gets in western intensive cares a mortality of 5 to 15%, but in BVB.

Nigerian ICUs has 30-60% mortality

Who knows how sick children of Diphterie became, Old GP’s told us youngsters how to remove the pseudo membranes of the affected child’s airways with their fingers to prevent them from shutting down the airways and the children Would choke, not to mention the severe heart muscle disorders that could also lead to severe arrhythmias.

The grief of a red dog infection in pregnant women resulting in sometimes severely damaged children also begins to be forgotten more and more.Princess Christina has come out very well.

For those who have experienced all this misery, having general vaccination programs is a blessing, despite the minimal side effects that the program, like all treatments, has.

Rationally, vaccinating gives the most effect in relation to the invested money (“most bang for buck”), worldwide.

A lot of answers have already been given.

Although I am not against vaccinating, I am cautious and skeptical.

Of course, the old message is about the link between autism, where, in fact, a counter-notification on the counter-notification has recently emerged, a role.So there may be a relationship anyway. However, if children (after a few days) become ill, the violent denial of a relationship with the vaccination is pre-programmed. In matters such as autism, this is much harder because that would mean that the DNA, or at least the production of proteins, would be something permanently altered which is very difficult to demonstrate.


  1. In modern vaccinations, more and more “reinforcing” chemicals are used to make the vaccine more effective.

I don’t have much with these additions.

  • In the US, vaccine producers are legally protected.
  • Patients cannot conduct legal proceedings on side effects or even death.

  • As soon as a vaccine is in a state vaccination program, you have a guaranteed turnover (without risk) as a producer.
  • As a result, more and more vaccinations are offered, also for matters where we were sent to the neighbours in the past so that you got the most teething in this way.
  • These four points make it very easy to believe in the various conspiracy theories.

    Because more and more (reasonably innocent) childhood diseases are prevented, you as a child are also not infected (on time) and you have to vaccinate (to get protection at a young age).

    But the inaccessibility of the vaccination suppliers in America and the ever increasing supply of vaccines against anything and everything (except for people in Africa) makes me very skeptical.

    I think that in addition to the answers given below, what certainly plays out is that there is a small chance that you can develop very harmful diseases, at a very small percentage of people.If you take the vaccinations correctly. I know 1 case of a boy sustained brain damage suffered as a result of a DTP jab, and another boy who has become heavily autistic. Now, despite this, I am a proponent of vanccinations, because the risk of getting the disease is still greater if you do not vaccinate, then the risk of complications if you do vaccinate. The opponents of vaccination wrongly believe that the reverse is the case

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