Why are there more and more Dutch people who delete their Facebook account?

In addition to privacy scandals, Facebook suffers from the ‘Daddy on the Dancefloor‘ syndrome.

This means that a party with your classmates is very nice, until your father is on the dancefloor to party.

Young people leave Facebook on the left because it is no longer their place. Their parents and grandparents sit on Facebook, see what they do, liking their photos, put up embarrassing baby pictures and deliver commentary.

Totally not c̶o̶o̶l̶ eh.. Chill.

I do not know that, of course.I do know why I cancelled my account. Facebook is a criminal organization with only one purpose and that is to monetize our private data. They do so by violating our privacy, not as far as is legally permissible, but as far as they think they are coming away by stretching the boundaries of the allowable.

I think there are many reasons.I happen to know some people who deliberately deleted their Facebook account for quite different reasons.

In my opinion, the cause for the stop in the growth of Facebook in the Netherlands is also velerlei.There have been fewer people since recently, than they go away. Facebook is not popular among young people and Facebook needs that growth to be able to grow. The teenagers and twenties that I know prefer to use WhatsApp or discord.

I think the reasons behind it are that both WhatsApp and discord are more exclusive.You are only aware of a group if you are invited to do so. There, in my opinion, Facebook does not have its reputation with privacy, although that is sometimes a given reason by some people I know not to use Facebook, but those are people who have also never had a Facebook account. It is a bit of a crooked reasoning because WhatsApp is also taken over by Facebook, so from the same company and this is used by these people. That is even exclusivity about sex. Most Instagram users are women, most discord users men and Instagram is coincidentally also already taken over by Facebook.

Another thing that characterises the competitors of Facebook (even the horizontal competition), that these are also really more messengers and also so more used, so it is also about more direct contact than something posting on a Facebook account and just hoping that Someone reads it.

Of the people who had a Facebook account but entered the account, it’s often like they never used Facebook, but needed the account for other apps, for example Tinder, but they’re no longer using these apps.

And unfortunately I also know people who don’t use Facebook anymore because they have died now.

The company Facebook will continue to survive.It is too large and widespread, but I suspect that Facebook itself may no longer exist over a decade or in a whole different form than we know now.

Some Dutch acquaintances and friends of mine have indeed cancelled their Facebookaccount.

As one of the main reasons, I was told that FB did not make them happy.They saw how other people were so eager and so often bragged. In addition, not all accounts are equally popular. You don’t always get the attention you need. If you are popular, you always get a lot of likes and positive comments. If not then you will be ignored. It really does look like Quora!

Only a small number was the privacy.For example, people who are divorced and have or have some common friends often delete their FB account.

I have not cancelled my FB account.For me, FB is a kind of e-mail, where every known can reach me possibly. So for me, FB also has a useful feature, even though I’m not a popular Facebooker.

Most of my friends who had a FB account, still have them.There are indeed fewer young people, read children on FB I have noticed. But from the age they go to college or university, they can still be found. I’m talking about early twenties. I also often see Dutch teenagers on FB.

Outside the Netherlands I see that FB is still popular. I have friends from almost all corners of the world.

In conclusion, I can conclude that the Dutch acquaintances of me are still on FB.Those who have left were especially struggling with other people who are so keen to boast about their lives. In addition, a number of departed due to privacy reasons, by changing their lives.

Thank you for asking me this question Céline Décamps (Quora user).I hope this has answered your question.

To begin with, all the scandals surrounding the leakage of all sorts of data Facebook do little good.The company is under pressure, most of the world uses it, so growth is not included.

In addition, there is a growing call to deal with social media differently.The newer generation of users are much more aware of privacy and what social media does with them. Facebook is about sharing (and the ensuing data), that sharing has become polluted by the urge for more turnover.

I think we are all a bit part-and notification-tired.That means that we are tired a bit of Facebook.

Fear of losing their privacy?

They apparently assume that Facebook is the only company to collect and resell data from its users.By removing their acount they hope to avoid this.

However, this does not work.Truly all websites and social services collect data about their visitors/users. And most of them sell (part of) that data also just by.

Because there has been great privacy scandal, and because it has become a medium to spread fake news

Because it is very modern to do exactly what everyone does.That was the reason to go eróp, and now also to go off again. Everyone is doing it. So me too. Find Them. If all your friends go off then you can’t do it anyway to stay. Yet?

Should anyone think it’s about privacy reasons: There are still a few other companies that also all know exactly everything about you.

If you do not want it all, you have to cancel your Internet account, home and mobile, and do away with your phone (s).And all your friendships with people who keep on cancelling of course, stay away from them. For they have their whole and guys on the Internet, and you are part of it.

I would sort out a nice and empty island in the Pacific, to tell no one that you are going there.Just step out of the rest of your life.

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