Why are the left-wing parties before taxes and the right-wing parties for racism?

All parties, including the right-wing, are before taxes.Only the Libertarian Party wants to abolish taxes. But the Libertarian Party is also for the right of everyone with peaceful intentions to come here to live and work.

Furthermore, not all right-wing parties are racist and there are also left-wing racist parties.

If you say that left-wing parties are only for taxes, you might as well be saying that right-wing parties are just for racism.

Huh?See What I did there?

Not purely extreme right

The NSDAP had many socialist treks, was actually a very racist and nationalistic form of socialism.That is why Hitler in Mein Kampf did his best to emphasize the difference with mainstream socialism/communism, precisely because they had so much in common.

Edit: The fact that the left-right layout sometimes does not do justice to the complexity of politics does not make this discussion a reality.Just look at the PVV and Baudet. They are certainly not national socialists, that term is too fraught, but rather socio-nationalists.

National-socialist or social-nationalist?

Hitler was certainly not a mere left figure, but that was not Stalin and communism under his dictatorship either.But it is too easy to classify all left-hand treks at Nazis and “right-wing” parties as PR-stunt, as voters of the SP can also switch to the PVV.

Populism operates from positions that also have socialist characteristics.But no racism, rather nationalism. Hitler was rather a racist-socialist, and Wilders more a social-nationalist, but no Nazi, racist or extreme-right figure.

Democracy and dictatorship then and now

What we should not forget in the equation is a democratic culture and history, which in the thirties was not yet mature in Europe.The same applies to the view on immigrants of non-European origin, racism and discrimination.

With which I want to say that Communist dictatorships are not easy to earth in modern times, certainly not in Western Europe.And that social-nationalism (populism) will also not be so easily derailing in classical National Socialism and certainly also has demonstrable left-hand traits.


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Racism is cheaper than taxes.

I am extremely left, and I shy not to be right really I can give a friendly dagger in form of jokes or criticism.

But to simply say that is right for racism is simply false.It is not a single party in the Netherlands that has an active policy to support certain population groups, as the NSDAP did. On that, PLEASE ignore completely what Mr. Cornelius mentioned in this thread, that the NSDAP has socialist traits because it is just a frame of alt right to dissociate itself from it and make left black.

Alors, to come back to the question.Groups like the Neo Nazis, old-fashioned Nazis (who are almost no longer there) and Alt-right are groupings that go full for white superiority, and thus argue racism. However, they are relatively small-scale cells that have little to say at national level.

What you might argue is that parties like FVD and PVV are playing racism in their hand.That one is nationalistic is not, in the first instance, racism or discrimination. That nationalism can culminate in an extreme disease in which intelligence is striven beyond.. Well.

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