Why are people faster inclined to think about what is after death, and not what existed before their birth? Is the Emptiness (absention of life) for being born and the void after death not the same?

Every healthy living creature possesses the will to exist.

A man thinks about the loss of existence.

Fear is the result of thinking about absention of life.

So man is looking after answers, to be able to stop thinking about death.

What was there for life is what will be after it.

So that’s a really good question I find!

I always have to think of Shangri-La[1 at this kind of riddles.

Shangri-La is a utopian place, and does not exist, as you know. Except in China of course. [2. And so is really a place worth visiting here[3.

Now back to your question:

I think because ‘ we ‘ are accustomed to linear thinking. That is to say: from A to B and not so much from Z to a to B. So that ‘ void-life-void ‘ is difficult to contain, for most who think about it.

Only Heidegger has actually been inked at the time. He joined Sein und Zeit and Sein zum Tode. Beautiful work I find myself. [4

In Buddhist philosophy (from India to Tibet/China and Japan), the notion of emptiness has actually become much longer and broader developed in thinking.In Some Japanese Zen koans it is a subject of meditation (“How did your face look like before your parents were born?”). [5

And that’s actually your question-which already existed crazy enough….Well, again, not so crazy, if you only embrace the concept that everything is already in knowledge and is only kept again….

To summarise: As I see it, something less anthropocentric is thought of there.But HOW exactly that works, in everyday life, is another question, that you should actually ask a Japanese!

I mean here: on the basis of their POV surveys of course.You have to travel in the spirit and immerse yourself in the culture and language because otherwise it cannot.

Or you’re going to Japan, that’s really a fascinating country, IMO.More beautiful than China from now too, I find, but China I know badly. You may have to consult another expert for this, Prof. Andre van der Braak[6 For example, who knows more than me. http://andrevanderbraak.nl .

Finally, Keiji Niyani[7, is one of the more recent philosophers who has worked out this problem if you want to study in it.Recommended. You are not alone so with this question! ;-).


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If you believe in reincarnation then: before birth = after death.

But the reincarnation cycle has now been put to a halt.

For your birth there was nothing to be afraid of, duh!

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