Why are narcissists defended by some people?

That can have several reasons.

The people who defend them have themselves a narcissistic personality disorder (NPS).

The people who defend them do not know exactly what NPS is and confuse this with ‘ just ‘ narcissistic behaviour (extreme egoism).

People who defend them are guided by pity.They defy his/her behavior by throwing it at a ‘ difficult youth ‘.

People who defend them are trapped in a trauma band with someone who has NPS.Therefore they cannot judge objectively and they are inclined to defend their mistrear.

Someone who really has NPS focuses a lot of damage in his/her environment.They know well that their behavior is not OK, but they have to grind or they are simply too self-centered. They will rarely go into therapy because they think there is nothing wrong with them. Therefore, they are also rarely diagnosed. And IF They are already looking for a psychologist, they can easily guide the garden. Psychologists have the greatest difficulty in helping and diagnosing people with NPS.

I also wonder if there are actually so many people who will defend someone who really has NPS (of which this is known).The people who defend people with NPS often don’t know that this person really has NPS. People with NPS are very adept at using their surroundings. If you have had experience with such a person and you later found out that he/she has NPS, then you can hardly believe that you are ‘ kicked into it ‘. And you don’t understand at all that his/her environment apparently still does.

Often, people with NPS will only show their true nature to a single person, often a partner or spouse.That true nature remains hidden from others. Someone with NPD will do everything to keep up the appearance and as soon as his mask threatens to fall and someone has him through, they will be stamping them to the outside world as ‘ mad ‘, ‘ lie like ‘ and a zipper to other traits that they actually own. The big projection parade has begun. Thus, ex-partners of people with NPD are almost never believed.

People who defend people with NPD are therefore individuals who have little intimate experience with this phenomenon, let themselves be prelying by them or deny their own narcissism.

People with NPD don’t need defenses (they do).They need good therapy. But unfortunately they will hardly enter into that.

Every man bears responsibility for his own life, if you have been traumatised and have had a terrible childhood.That does not give a free letter yet to abuse and hurt other people. It gives you the opportunity to grow and become a more beautiful and better person, despite your damage.

Das pretty simple.The people who make them humiliate and put on hmmmmmmmmmm do not usually have a clue about what they are talking about. So you get a nice one-sided and not throbbing story. And that has to be straightened.

FACT: Most people who say they have ever had a narcissistic personality can not prove it.The vast majority of the “perpetrators” are not diagnosed, and IF they were diagnosed, you come to the following:

Fact: When you analyse the behavior of the “narcissists” where these people write about, you soon see that you are not dealing with narcissists, but with anti-soci.Do the test yourself but on the sum, I’m gotta chew it for.

It is therefore quite right that Narcisten be defended.Not because that’s what narcissists do is so good, but because a lot of misery and sorrow are charged for which they are not responsible. You also blame a burglar not to be a killer, do you?

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