Why are many people unhappy with the work they do?

This is because, in particular, a lot of work sometimes does and sometimes does not meet hygiene factors, such as:

  • Salary
  • Secondary employment conditions
  • Relationship with colleagues
  • Relationship with Executive
  • Physical work environment

Often but little meets motivation factors such as:

  • Performance
  • Recognition
  • Appearance of the track
  • Responsibility
  • Promotion
  • Growth
  • Developing competence

Most of the work in the Netherlands has little to no responsibility and also no recognition and no appearance and promotion is often at age and not on Merite.

If you then realise that many large employers are monopsony, then salary and secondary employment conditions sometimes do not meet, which are too low or too bad.

Add that in case of poor screening at HR, there is a great chance that within large companies there are at least one or more personalities who can mess things up and ruin the relationships at work.

All this cohesive then it is plausible that for many people the hygiene factors of work also do not meet and then you as an employee have reason to complain and you are unhappy.

For more information see:

-Two factor theory of Frederick Herzberg

-Monopsonie in the labor market of Joan Robinson

-Dark triad of a.o. McHoskey, Worzel, Szyarto and D. L. Paulhus

According to Graeber (bullcrap jobs) because a lot of work is completely useless.

I think it has changed our perception of work.

In the past, in previous generations, work was needed and people were thankful that they could only find a job.

Most of the people in France still think it’s perfectly normal to hate your job and feel miserable there.In The collective spirit there is no job that makes you happy.

When I said I wanted to be happy in my work, people looked at me as if I were a spoiled snot nose.

And then I moved to the Netherlands, where I found an approach to the work that suits my needs and personality.

Here in the Netherlands you have the happiness that you can study and that basically you can try to get every job.And I don’t believe there are many people who are really unhappy with their work here. I believe that their standards are higher than those of people in other countries.

In The Netherlands there is almost no unemployment, so you can afford to be picky and search for the perfect match.

You develop new needs and a new approach to working life (Papadag, part time, working at home, promotions, higher salary, more vacation….), all of which is geared towards more comfort in your life.

That can happen here, because the labour market feels stable and safe.

What ultimately gives us real satisfaction in life?

Long ago it was a roof above our head, food, water and warmth.Right away? We take this for granted, and we want to live as kings and enjoy life to the fullest. Yolo Life.

Many people are unhappy with the work they do through their own thoughts on work.

Choosing A career for many people is accompanied by stress. That’s what I notice almost daily as a career coach.

Often people get the feeling that they have to make the right choice, because otherwise they will be deeply unhappy.

This thought can lead to ‘analysis paralysis‘, or: paralysis by thinking too much.Which makes you not take a decision and does not act.

Maybe you think about changing job today, but you’re afraid.And do nothing.

Often this is due to incorrect thoughts about work.Thoughts that can paralyse you in such a way that you swallow through life with a sense of disappointment, impossibility and fear of moving even further.

These are the 7 wrong thoughts about work that puts your best in question when you think about changing work. Because they sabotage your career success.

1.I must immediately discover the perfect career

Many of the most successful people I know have had very different jobs .And with every job they acquired new skills.Because of the ever growing set of skills, they were getting more options for their future.

So don’t worry if your career path is not a straight line. As long as you go forward and learnthings.

2.In my perfect job I do what I want and I don’t have to do things I don’t want to do

Each job contains fun and less fun elements.

Jonas is a music teacher who likes to teach children.It is the ideal job for him. He does not like the paperwork that comes with his work. Yet it is a necessity if he wants to teach children. He takes it, and does it as quickly as possible rather than postpone it, so he holds more time to do what he loves most.


If I find the ideal job, it won’t feel like work

It is true that when you do what you love to do, it feels less like work.However, there will be days that put you to the test. Days when you feel less good, or have to deal with a difficult customer.

No job comes without challenges and no job is always fun.

Take a look at the work you are doing today: How many percent of the time do you spend with pleasure and how much percent reluctantly?

If you spend more time with pleasure on your job than reluctantly, then it is probably a good job.But if you are reluctantly going to work, then it is high time to do something about what you oppose, or to find a new job. The ideal job is that in which you do as much as possible what you like to do.

4.Because I have a diploma in X, I am not allowed to do anything else

This is not true either.Doris studied for translator and practiced that profession for several years. Today she is a sales trainer -Luckily in her job and she is also very good at it. When she graduated, she never thought she would pursue this job.

So don’t worry if you haven’t graduated for a long time: start with something, learn at -become aware of what you don’t like to do -and find what you do like.

5.People only change jobs because they didn’t succeed in their previous job

We can change for many reasons.Sensible people do not want to get stuck in a career that is opposed to them.They gather their courage and bring the necessary self-confidence to change, and to lead a happier life.

People who often change are therefore not irresponsible “loose bulbs”.Those who are really looking for his or her life’s purpose must sometimes try different things. Once found the appropriate, you can stay there.

6.There is a job somewhere that is perfect for me

This thought can paralyate you too.Because have you ever thought that you can createyour own job or career path?

You can simply write down everything you desire in a job and then figure out how you can createthis job yourself.If there is a need somewhere, a job can be created to fill in that need.

What do people want, what do they need in your area of interest?Find out how you can mitigate this distress and you can become extremely successful.

7.I have to be able to fall back somewhere while I pursue my passion

The worst thing you can do is to work only for a payroll letter.Are you today at the point in your life where you are looking for the best career for you, then look into yourself and find what your real purpose is in life.

What did you really wish to do when your child was? Did you wish to be an actress, or policeman, or nurse?Look at what purpose was behind your desire. Usually you wanted to help other people in one way or another. An actor wants to entertain and make others happy. A policeman wants to make sure that we feel safe, a nurse wants to relieve the suffering of others.

With this objective you can also develop another career. And fill them in as well.

Depends on what kind of work you do of course.I do not want to bump coal miners, stone bakers or steel workers to the head. And also people who are being trialled by their boss or sexually attaqued, have my condolences.

If people don’t like to do their work, they may be working under or above their level.Or that they had suggested otherwise.

If you work above your level, this can cause very severe stress and unhappiness.If you are working your level, this can cause jealousy, rebellion, stress and so yes unhappiness.

If you suggested otherwise you will lose a piece of your innocence.And that can hurt. And either you are going to make the best of it, or change your work, or you stay (knee) and the longer the more unhappy.

I think those who are unhappy with their work and do not change work do not realize what their work means to them bu铆ten their work.

If I have a day that you could appoint as “Today I am unhappy with the work I Do” (which actually never really happened), then I think: it happily pays off my apartment, or, here we can get all the accounts again this month beta Four times to go to the grocery store.Or something.

If you no longer see the benefits of having work you will be 9 out of 10 unhappy.

I’m not someone who soon (far) eared, but say “I don’t like my job” and then just keep sitting there, I have it hard with it.

Grtn, Stign

Many people think they SHOULD go to work.

From whom?

Of course, you need income.But there MUST BE NOTHING!

You chose your job yourself, you were not sent.

You take ‘ no resignation ‘ from yourself, you are not a prisoner.

Less income, or more.You can CHOOSE what you are looking for.

If you HAVE to go to work, then you have to resign today!And find a job that is just fun to do!

Most who do that go there (eventually) on windshield!Also financially yes, in time, but that does not have to be a goal.

Goal is: a NICE job!

For a year, or a decade or whatever, if it’s fun to do!

The biggest risk you will run if you DON’T!

Wouldn’t know.I myself studied chemistry but worked more in the medical sector. Retraining was not that difficult. I do not know whether it has to do with the level at which the vocational study was done. I think it is easier to switch to a different type of professional exercise as a high-level vocational study. I was not unhappy with the new form of work. I have heard from people who have studied electro-technology and got a good job at a bank. A job that had almost nothing to do with electro technique.

Something you have to do every day is never fun.

Even though you loved it the first time you did it.

Top athletes also don’t like it anymore what they have to do every day.

Only winning then is great.

But it should not train every day.

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