Why are Dutch badges yellow-black and Belgian badges red-white?

In Belgium, the number plates have long been red on a white background.
Since the advent of the speed cameras in the years ‘ 70, the discussion about these colours has been on the foreground several times.

The red-on-white is low in contrast and therefore more difficult to read on photos.
In Germany, one often uses a red flash lamp, and then the (black and white) picture simply results in a white license plate!Very useful for the Belgians who drive too fast in Germany. So those Germans started to be difficult to do.
A dozen years ago, the discussion once again flared up because the EU had enough of it too.The proposal to use black-on-yellow -as in the Netherlands, France-was mostly shot by the French-speaking countrymen because of “too Flemish”.The French-speaking Minister Laurette Onkelinx explained another explanation: it had to remain red-on-white to emphasize Belgian solidarity: it was the way par excellence to recognise countrymen abroad…

The Flemish Lion-symbol of the Flemish movement

I myself still wanted to launch a compromise (via parliamentarians) dark red-on-brokenwit but that unfortunately did not feel any resonance.

In the end it has become dark red-on-white .

That is also a good contrast. And the recognizability remains.

Dutch, older-and new Belgian license plates

Dutch badges are yellow/black because this has a high contrast, which makes the badge easier to read.

Belgian badges, I am told, are red/white because yellow/black (which is also considered) would start a conflict due to the fact that yellow and black are the colours of Flanders, and Wallonia (whose colours are yellow and red) would not have been happy with that.

The Dutch badges used to be dark blue with white letters.

That has been replaced by yellow with black lettering due to readability.

The retro-reflective yellow background is sure to be seen at much greater distance. So that is in the Netherlands behind.

The rest of Europe has for this reason I also thought black on white or black on yellow.

The Belgian red on white is very poorly readable (read: can be photographed!).But that can also be seen as an advantage: Belgians do not have much to do with the police.

Further speculating: that the police do not bother to change the color may be because you could be flashed in the Netherlands at the time, but you really had to be kept standing in Belgium to get a ticket (I do not know how that is currently Lies).So a better-readable license plate for the police in Belgium was not as important as in the Netherlands.
But that’s all speculation, as said.

Added: How it really sits!It turns out to be an even more typical reason! (Johan van der Harg):

In addition, it has been tried to go to yellow black as in the Netherlands for readability but this has been shot by the Walonen (yellow black are the colours of Flanders).

Well, that’s Belgium, two types of people, two worlds; In Belgium, the Flemings have the colours black-yellow in the flags etc.And so the Walloons do not want number plates in that color. It is suggested, many other countries have license plates in that color, but the stupid walloons see that as a front sliding of the Flemings. The former number plates were white-red letters, and the Walloons changed to white with scarlet letters; STUPID Hey, Walloons.

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