Why are certain people working addicted ‘ ‘ workaholic ‘ ‘? Where does this come from?

Addiction is genetic.Often there is also an emotional trigger that fuels the addiction. Luckily, you can also heal.

There are several reasons why people are addicted to their work.

It may be that they just love the work.

It may be that they want to earn a lot of money and do everything for it.

They may have to flee different reasoning in their work.

To disappoint the pressures of themselves or others is great in this ego society where everything and everyone but a winner must be, say no is not cool anymore, everything must be fast, good, direct, and that is an illusion.

Well.People get fun from different things, and for some people that’s something that other people call “work”. Not everyone understands that work can be so fun and varied that you will always be busy with it. There comes I think the term work addicted from. A negative name from misunderstanding.

At a workaholic, you won’t quickly think of a top athlete, but since it wants to make money with his sports activities, isn’t it just work?The same goes for a sculptor, a writer. Consider the current star status of chefs… Aren’t that just work addicts? Tjongejonge, if you want to make a restaurant run well, there you really can’t do much else besides!

Funny too, that many answers imply that your work is addicted because you want to achieve a certain status or want to earn a lot of money.If that’s your goal, you can better ensure that other people will work for you.

What does not take away that successful people have often had to stop a lot of energy in their work to achieve that success.But I would not call that an addiction, rather ambition or the urge to be. And of course, a work addict is more likely to succeed than someone who wants to do his work in the least possible time.

If someone calls another work addicted, the cause might be that you would like to get more attention from this person.Or because you like other things, and want the work addict to go shopping with you for example.

I personally get a lot of energy from my work.Provided I have enough space to deepen and develop things. If it is routine, and can do everything within the normal nine-to-five, then I get restless and I’m going to look around at other work. I’m not good enough in cooking or exercising to be able to get started in such a fancy profession. My work is mainly about figures and data processing, where many people do not understand the fun.

Of course I also need rest, I’m going to exercise to stay fit (cycling to my work among other:D) and I like to “work” in the garden.But often you are still working on how you can solve something that is work-related. They are fun puzzles to think about.

What I’m terribly tired of is his activities that other people just find cozy.A birthday visit, shopping (only if it really can not be otherwise) or an evening for the television. Away energy.

People get fun and motivation from different things.Happy though. Otherwise, the world would be very monotonous.

And isn’t it really great if people want to pay you for what you like?No, I have no problem with it when people call me work addicted.

They have no other way to fill their lives with them.

A man departs from a perfect circle.When we begin to deny sharing, like D. M. V Jealousy someone does not award something or be shy because you are ashamed of something, you distort your circle. And where you are denied is invested elsewhere. A man who can not let loose his circle distorted. Do not let go to stoppages and bitter. And that can manifest as a person who no longer manages to shape his personal intuitive and creavtive life, and all that no more incentive is coming to where he does windshield. In this case ‘ work ‘.

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