Why are Americans so afraid of socialism while in Canada nothing is significant?

Because Americans are all xenophobes, mysogenists and Rednecks (before you click Report, maybe read more?).

See also: Basket of Deplorables-Wikipedia, Hillary named (half of the) Trump supporters miserable creatures.

The funny thing is that it’s not about being smart or stupid, it’s not about left or right, haters or about goat wool socks.

It is about something that has been known for centuries (see conclusion below).

OK, a figurine to warm up:

The Belgian TV in the Nineties (and as well the Dutch TV channels from then on) with now compare, shows what’s going on.

At the then BRT, later VRT, diving programs were created that were deeply involved in topics related to society.

Officials in dusty offices who found game modes to be transferable.

Yes, we had a higher lower level, recommended to look at it now, but that was about it.

Then came VTM, give the people what the people want.

Games such as the Wheel of Fortune (who remembers Bruudruuster yet?) and “Let’s come Gretel”, something silly with Capiau, were very much appreciated by the people.

Where the seriousness previously did not permit a light-footed entertainment, the lightness now permits little seriousness on TV.

Everything needs to be fast, fast, viewers are crocheting when someone starts a long explanation.

Battle phrases and one-liners (hmm, that I might tweet) are the norm now.

Everything is based on “likes”.

Never wondered why Smoelen book has never added a “dislike” button?

As the other answers show, do not let you chase.

Who is not left, is not necessarily right.

Who is not right is not necessarily left.

Punishment, huh?

Advertising, marketing, politics and the Screesome titles and headlines.

They are all one-liners.

Misleading, the flag does not cover the load.


A hard-hitting confrontation with reality, of course a screenshot of Twitter dot com (honor who is honoring):

Now we come to the point that I try to make clear in most of the answers.

Persuasion (convincing), in English an understanding, self-contained, clear.

The opponent’s framed (EVERYONE DOES IT) via a word or term that is easy to remember.

The US faced Russia in the Cold War.

Communism acts like a red rag on a bull in the US.

In the US backyard, China and Russia have deliberately pumped some money into socialist regimes.

Few weapons here, few Raketjes there.

The US, of course, does not know itself, especially if it is close to home.

The ultimate losers are always the citizens.

As we Europeans were allowed to pay for the European banks that still live as zombies and disrupt the system.

Young enthusiastic Democrats are therefore a gift from heaven.

In their youthful sadness, it is not difficult to provoke a firm statement here and there.

Socialism is a broad term.

Vague and therefore easily manipulated, a bit like populists.

You associate someone or a group or a country with a word with a (very) negative connotation.

In the US, one links socialism with poverty, out of its joints bursting mud fat government and such more.

What socialism means is so unclear that it depends on where you are and in which company to understand the right locale meaning.

To show objectivity, I give two examples of persuasion, one of the Republicans and one of the Democrats, because they both use associations to influence the thinking of the citizen in the direction they wish you to think.

  • Obama is still a very adept persuader.

“Yes, we Can” is a very positive message that actually does not mean anything but that has been echoted both within the US and globally. Three words together that are so powerful. That’s out of category and world class. Without more.

  • Trumps current strategy is based on reunite the four with the Democrats.
  • Recently, major Democrats chose Pelosi’s side when AOC labelled her as “racist”. Trump realises, like no other, that the majority in America is patriotic, happy when the economy goes well and that socialism, communism is a laden term. By unifying the Democrats with the four who are more extreme left than the moderate Democrats (Pelosi knows the whipping of the whip well enough), Trump can now stick the United Democrats to the label “socialist”. For example, perhaps Venezuela and the humanitarian disaster that is now underway.

    Left and right are delusions created by man and especially if you are not left, you are right and vice versa.

    While politicians are the problem, both left and right.

    Source of this chart: Reddit.

    It’s not about the classification of bias as if certain media were more neutral than others (based on what?).

    It’s about the vertical axis, the Y-axis where you find some interesting etermen.

    We do not agree on social media that promote “whoever pays”, but the classic media.

    Selective, incomplete, propaganda (hah), unfair persuasion.


    In ancient Rome, it was quite a look at the Stoicine philosophy.

    Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of the Roman Empire, knew it all.

    Nothing is out of itself good or bad, everything is just a perception.

    Everyone is born as a warrior, ready to bring the ring to Mordor and Chase Darth Vader over the blade.

    Those who over the years have been led back to a dead-end alley, who can tell you that you shouldn’t have to rattle your feet.

    Persuasion is used by everyone, good or bad.

    The goal is always to let you refurbish the dirty work.

    Free and for nothing.

    Because they know the buttons that activate you.

    Master of Puppets, from 1986, of Metallica.

    Terms like socialism, populism, 鈧?娄 are used as weapons until they are completely hollow and used up.

    Either you learn to observe as you age, or you have the path of the midlife crisis, the pink pills and the home.

    Because another is his puppet, that is only very detrimental to yourself.

    If you had read some old Filsofen, you have long realised that the trap that almost everyone is in kicks in has been known for more than 2000 years.

    What socialism means is, as they say so nicely in English, “in the eye of the beholder”.

    Information, constantly expanding your knowledge, instead of Smoel book and Netflix coma watching, it’s not many given.

    Canada is just as socialist as the Netherlands or Sweden.

    So there is actually more wrong with people that 鈧?”seemingly unlike americanen 鈧? Canada as a successful example of socialism seeing. We must be thankful that a people who are stupid enough to make Donald Trump the most powerful on Earth, are not even adopting the lies of other evil folk menners.

    The fear of socialism is justified by the disasters that have caused socialist regimes.Of the beautiful ideals nothing is right. If it’s all long too late, no one believes that the massamers really believed in the worker’s paradise.

    Unfortunately, the wisdom of the Americans in this case is just a sham.The Socialists were the great enemy of America during the Cold War, as they see Islam nowadays. That sentiment has continued to linger in older Americans, including those who never had a clue how life outside of the United States 鈧?”let alone in socialist landen 鈧? looked. So it is pure happiness and happiness has already abandoned us ugly.

    Years of anti-communist propaganda and indoctrination have done their blessing work.America, the great country of the possibilities, from newspaper boy to millionaire, does not need comnunism, because everyone can have success.

    Also in the Fifties, there was a large anti-communist smear campaign to turn the last remnants of onamericanism into the neck.If everyone is equal how can you still excel? What happens to the free entrepreneurial spirit under the Communist dictatorship? We do not want that.

    Because they confuse socialism with communism,
    And they think communism means:

    • What is yours is also mine,
    • And what of me is there you stay darn away with your……

    America has begun to Europeans who did not do well in Europe.They had vein faith, ideas than their environment, so they sought a place where they could settle freely.

    That was Amerka.The fact that they killed whole tribes of peoples does not matter now.

    But they hate “the government” and thus a social organized life.That is not to do without a strong government that (in their eyes) interferes too much with the individual’s daily life.

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