Why am I sad when I find out that my partner thinks I don’t have friends because I’m fat?

I think I would not think for a long time, whether I would like to be with such a partner.Draw the line logically. A good intimate relationship, at least in my experience, is also not possible if there is not a strong factor of friendship and mutual respect.

However, according to your partner, you are not worthy of friendship by the fact that you are fat.That means, in any case, that in his or her eyes also any kind of friendship between your two is lacking. And that with her or him any respect for who you are is missing as a person.

If I were to find out that my partner would think so about me, I don’t know if I would be angry or sad, but I do know that that relationship would not last long.

I would make direct use of the possibility that the relationship is ‘ per direct cancellation ‘.

If your partner says you’re too fat, that’s a not good humiliation.You do well to leave the relationship. So the sadness you feel can only be that you will have to leave the relationship. Incidentally, this partner will continue to humiliate you.

So for the sake of clarity, she THINKS so.

Then I think you and they have some to discuss.For if she thinks so, but does not say it, then it is not so bad yet.

Of course it could just be that you weigh 350 pounds and that format will make you barely get out of the door, and your own value has now fallen to the zero point.Then of course she is right.

Well you again.

Probably you are sad, because a partner generally has a very high status in the head of the co-partner.A partner, I take in this case to a partner in love and perhaps many other things, is the confidant and will always be considered as beloved and trusted. When someone says something that can be considered fragile, it is never fine and that can cause sadness. When a partner says something offensive, no matter how good it can be, that is not at all fine. My tip is to talk to your partner about your feelings and tell you exactly how your partner has hurt you and what you can do together, so that such a thing doesn’t have to happen anymore. Talking always helps, feelings hidden do not hold. Being thick, though you are, has nothing to do with the fact of how many friends you have, so that argument from your partner does not strike anywhere.

Talk it out and tell what you have hurt.I hope this answer helped a little. Strength and don’t stay sad long!

Your question seems to me a question for explanation rather than a question for advice.But maybe I’m mistaken.

There is something about self-esteem here.You feel unvalued. You mention a whole bunch of possible factors. Are you not so happy with your figure? Do you have few friends? Do you ask questions about your partner’s involvement? It could be that those questions point to a pain point.

Maybe take a deep breath, until the worst of the pain is over-in pain you shouldn’t be stirring-and then around those themes what to think about?Also see if it’s possible to get a conversation with your partner. Tell him what this is doing with you, and why. Maybe he doesn’t realise that he hurts you. People are very different-maybe he has a thick skin, or he is someone who puts things fast next to him. And he assumes that you are so too.

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