Maureen Rustrian, a credit analyst from Basking Ridge, NJ, won the HGTV Smart Home 2019 giveaway and was mugged at her home by HGTV Smart Home host and interior designer Tiffany Brooks, who shared the life-changing news.

Do you also know who won the 2019 HGTV Smart Home?

Maureen Rustrian (left) was greeted by HGTV host and designer Tiffany Brooks (right) at her home in New Jersey surprised that she is the winner of the 2019 HGTV Smart Home Giveaway worth more than $1.2 million.

Second, what part of Dallas is the HGTV Smart Home 2019 located in?

Take a virtual tour of HGTV Smart Home 2019 located in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Roanoke, Texas. Discovery, Inc. KNOXVILLE, Tenn., April 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — This year’s newly built, fully furnished HGTV® smart home is a bold Texas contemporary located in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Roanoke, Texas.

Who similarly won HGTV Smart Home 2019 in Texas?

Tiffany Brooks

Who won Dallas Home 2019?

Beverly Fulkerson

What are the odds of winning the HGTV Dream Home?

Your chances of actually winning are extremely slim. It is hard to get an accurate estimate, but your odds of winning the lottery are about one in 175 million. For the HGTV dream home, those odds are similar. The 2017 winner, Anna Spangler, was randomly selected from 131 million entries.

How many square feet is the 2019 HGTV Smart Home?

3,455 square feet

Wo is HGTV Smart Home 2019?

Discover each stunning room at HGTV Smart Home 2019, a chic, contemporary retreat in Dallas, Texas.

Anyone keeping the HGTV Dream Home?

The 2019 HGTV Dream Home is located in Whitefish, Montana. In fact, according to a 2018 Country Living report, only six of the 21 previous winners of HGTV‘s Dream Home contest last year lived in their award-winning homes for more than a year.

Make the most HGTV Dream Home Winners Sell Home?

According to Country Living, of the 21 people who won HGTV Dream Homes during the contest, only six have lived in the home for more than a year. Many contest winners choose to sell the home back to the developer, if they chose to own the home at all.

What happens if you win HGTV Dream Home?

The Dream Home Sweepstakes usually gives away a large cash prize along with the home and vehicle, and you can use that money towards taxes. You can also try setting up a payment plan with the IRS. If you already have a home, you can try to sell or mortgage that home.

Where is the HGTV home in Dallas?

It was built in Roanoke built in the Fairway Ranch neighborhood. It has three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms and covers an area of 3400 square feet.

What do I need for a smart home?

You will need:. An Amazon Echo product. A TP-Link smart plug. A plug-in fan with a physical power switch that can be left in the “on” position. An Apple or Android smartphone to set up Alexa to talk to the smart plug.

Who won the last HGTV Home Giveaway?

Emily Muniz

How is HGTV Winner Selected?

The winning entry is selected. If the container selected is a physical one, an envelope will be randomly selected from that container and this one is the winner. If the selected bin were a virtual one, the computer would be set to scroll through the entries and while scrolling through the entries the space bar would be pressed.

We will be the winners of HGTV Dream Home notified?

The winner will then be notified, usually by an ambush-style announcement in which representatives of the Scripps network will appear at the winner’s home, place of business or family gathering. Alternatively, winners can be notified by registered mail.

How much is the HGTV 2019 Smart Home worth?

These are just a few of my favorite gadgets at the HGTV Smart Home 2019 Roanoke, Texas, which is part of a $1.2 million prize package.

Where is this year’s HGTV Smart Home?

This year’s HGTV Smart Home is full of fun gadgets – and they can all be yours! The 3,400 square foot residence is located in Roanoke, Texas, a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth, and offers a golf simulator, an outdoor theater and a media room among many high-tech features.

Who won? HGTV home in Dallas?

The 2019 HGTV smart home built in Roanoke for the annual sweepstakes has a winner: Maureen Rustrian, a credit analyst from Basking Ridge, New Jersey. According to a press release, Rustrian’s name was randomly drawn from 97 million entries to win a prize package worth over $1.2 million.

How much tax will I pay if I win a house?

If you win a house in a contest, you could be caught in the 25 percent marginal tax rate. If you won a $200,000 house in a contest, you would owe an additional $50,000 in federal income tax ($200,000 x 0.25 = $50,000). People who win big prizes like homes often have to sell them just to pay the taxes due.

What do you have to pay if you win the HGTV dream home?

The Cash prize usually comes with a $500,000 tax liability and does not come with property taxes or any costs associated with owning a property. Muniz admits that she and her husband are still responsible for paying the taxes on the cash prize option.

Do HGTV house winners keep them?

When it became obvious That people winning its sweepstakes couldn’t keep their new digs, HGTV began offering a cash option to winners. Most winners now either go that route or sell the homes – often back to their builders, but rarely at full value.