Who should be the next prime Minister of the Netherlands and why?

Hard to say, let me mention what candidates I can find a reason for:

  • The Arib Come on say, what a topwijf.

Well integrated, neutral can control the debate DS will also be able to unite and representative our entire country in the person of Prime Minister. Would also be incredibly progressive, a colored female leader.

  • Sarah Sabbagh I have a great deal of respect for this woman, she is also a party who is not really distributing and is doing well as a deputy prime minister, a function that also gives her a lot of experience.
  • Özcan Akyol Lovely guy, cozy and nuanced in his thinking.
  • Only no politician.

  • Henry Asscher Although I do not agree with him, I find Lodewijk Asscher to have a neat and friendly attitude, he is very ethical and can thus bring a moral argument in a way that it does not sound nagging or pathetic.
  • He shows strength, he shows understanding, in short he has a very high presidential potential.

  • Daniel Waga No idea if she ever has any political ambitions but just as Rutte showed them in who is the mole?
  • Very good in our country massively belazeren… Ha!

    Neelie Kroes I would find an interesting choice.

    Know how politics works.

    Know how they can keep themselves on a world platform. Enjoy world-wide respect.

    For the rest, there’s not really anyone going inside.

    Well, let’s make a recipe of it.

    A hefty tablespoon of integrity,

    A tablespoon of wisdom

    A tablespoon of humor

    A tablespoon of life experience

    A tablespoon of self-control

    A tablespoon tenacity

    Two teaspoons of idealism

    Two teaspoons originality

    Two teaspoons guts

    A teaspoon of political experience

    Let’s spend a night in Machiavelli’s Il Principe: She or he must finally know in what environment to work.

    I know no one in the Dutch political landscape who heeftt that all.We do not do badly with Rutte, which meets the ideal for about fifty percent. Many countries have to do it with a lot less. His predecessor, Balkenende, brought together half of the ingredients.

    But Trump, for example, has the first and most important five ingredients only a bit of life experience, but of an abominable quality and solidity.Originality, guts and perseverance are quite a bit. I would say a score of 5 percent. All the more important that our new prime Minister just read Il Principe well.

    Should I have to choose now, I would go for Lodewijk Asscher.He has proven not to run away for difficult decisions and in times when his party is struggling. In any case, he has resilience and perseverance. Laughter is easy when it goes well, but also in loss he is not bitter. He is intelligent and at the point of integrity he has not dropped visible stitches for me. But I have to say that I have not particularly deepened in him in that area.

    On the other side of the political spectrum is Krikke, now mayor of The Hague.Also seems like a good one.

    So in advance I would say 60 points for both, which is not bad long.

    I know she is never going to be it unless a miracle happens, but you may dream right?

    The PvdD prefers to reign ideals above, so there will only reign if they have the absolute majority.And still she is number 2 of the party. But what a beautiful dream: Esther Ouwehand, keen and passionate to make the world a little nicer for all living creatures , Prime Minister of the Netherlands!

    Oei, tricky question.

    I find Rutte but nothing, he laughs all sorts of big problems sheepishly away.

    For me this is enough not to have him as prime minister.

    Who of the right-wing politicians do I think is good enough, if I had to choose anyway?Neelie Kroes. She has the dignity for the function and the international respect. Chances are only small that they return to the Netherlands. She is a listduwer for the Flemish Liberal Party. VD Staaij will also maintain the dignity of the Office, I find the SGP only too dangerous for Western liberal values. I am an atheist woman, for me that is enough reason to be against the SGP.

    And left-wing politicians?I find clover too young, Roemer does not have the gravitas or English knowledge that is needed. John Tagoe ow, Marianne Thieme. I would accept it, but I will not nominate it, because of the simple fact that they want to ban animal experiments while there are no alternatives yet to test the pharmackinetic effects. This is therefore very premature.

    But who do I find suitable?

    Let me start at the PvdA.Khadija Arib, Ahmed Aboutaleb an Ahmed Marcoush are all three suitable. They exude a certain peace, self-confidence and compassion that I find to suit the premiership. In addition, it is also nice to irritate PVV and FvD voters in this way. A capable Moroccan Dutchman as a prime minister who is also bound by it? Seems to me to be a bit, even though I have been sitting on the PvdA as a party.

    Who would prefer?Femke Halsema. Jup, I agree with most of her policy in Amsterdam. I understand why Amsterdammers were the hordes of tourists. She also has the dignity and compassion that I find necessary for the job.

    In addition, it is time for the greening of the economy and there is a leader who actually takes it seriously.

    A woman!As soon as possible!

    Tsja… Over the years I have become somewhat cynical, so I think it doesn’t matter much.As soon as one ends up on that plush chair, there is 1 or other way to walk on the leash of the big companies and the EU. I expect political parties to act more forceful when they are in opposition than when they have been made dead by the party discipline in a coalition party.

    Currently there is no known politician around that I would like to see in that place.As far as I am concerned, vdStaaij is absolutely honest and reliable, but has a bearing surface among the people who are far too small to be relevant. Plus, no one is waiting for the return of Dogmatics in politics (with which I do not say that all Christian values should be eliminated from politics, not everything that has been hijated by GL/D66 in recent years).

    Baudet has many good ideas for me.But at the same time he sometimes suddenly makes such a thing pointless that you are almost wondering whether or not IE does it in an instant. Hiddema, good guy, but comes best to his right as IE can continue to ask razor sharp questions. Just in the room so.

    If I should call it a politician….Perhaps I could still choose the most for Pieter Omtzigt. The rest of the CDA can be stolen, but he is often sound critical and, even though he does not vote as I like to see it, generally he shows common sense.

    In terms of public figures?Maybe Harold Doornbos. But that’s just because I find his reports courageous and not based on any knowledge of his experience in public administration.

    Although I would like to have our Parliament changed from too much influence from, for example, a CDA (or worse NIDA, think (won’t happen?) Green Left, SGP) I see in Wopke Hoekstra A skilled and charismatic man.I expect that he will have this position with success and dignity.

    However, if you put the ‘ ‘ Folk character ‘ ‘ of, for example, a Dijkhoff opposite Hoekstra, Wopke will come out a bit like a too serious and boring dick for many people… I do not know to what extent renewal and progression would play a role.

    Khadija Arib is indeed not a bad choice as far as I am concerned.There is a lot of debate about its neutrality, but I do not see that problem at the moment.


    His name already came along here, not a politician or MP, but I would love it if people would try to listen some more and open to Özcan Akyol .

    Unfortunately, his views and person, however, are opposed to so much resistance on online alone, that I wonder at which place he has the most influence.I am very keen to listen to him and read.

    Must, nothing must.

    Thieme, I am a man, not a guinea pig.Need not necessarily be a woman for me if the person is good, is good enough. Baudet, say do you have your sanity yet?

    I read several names multiple times in replies, such as Neelie Kroes.Ah Next Bonneat Affair I think then. Names like Asscher I see also come over several times. Have the statements of him been given about Turks? Schouten, you notice an office crime and do nothing. Aboutaleb, well if you have been an official under Oudkerk, then I understand why everyone finds you so clean. HMM I get well why Rutte is Prime minister. Good question this question by the way.

    There are still some other parties outside the second chamber that are not so well known.If we can dream of it… Sammy van Tuyll.

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