Participated: Battle of Stalingrad

What year was Stalingrad?

Battle of Stalingrad, (July 17, 1942-February 2, 1943), successful Soviet defense of the city of Stalingrad (now Volgograd), Russia, U.S.S.R. , during World War II.

Who was the best Russian sniper?

Vasily Grigoryevich Zaytsev (Russian: Васи´лий Григо´рьевич За´йцев, IPA: [v?ˈsʲilʲ?j grʲ?ˈgorʲj?vʲ?t? ˈzajts?f]; 23 March 1915 – 15 December 1991) was a Soviet sniper during World War II. Prior to 10 November 1942, he killed 32 Axis soldiers with a standard-issue rifle.

What is Stalingrad called today?

Stalingrad. The city was renamed Stalingrad, in honour of Joseph Stalin on April 10, 1925. A year later, the Stalingrad Industrial Pedagogical Institute, now Volgograd State Pedagogical University, was opened.

When did Vasily Zaytsev die?

December 15, 1991

What rifle was used in Enemy at the Gates?

This is the rifle Vasily Zaytsev used to wage a one-man war in ‘Enemy at the Gates’ First used by the Russians in 1891, the Mosin-Nagant was modified from a standard service weapon to a sniper rifle in the 1930s.

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How many Russians died in ww2?

The Red Army was “the main engine of Nazism’s destruction,” writes British historian and journalist Max Hastings in “Inferno: The World at War, 1939-1945.” The Soviet Union paid the harshest price: though the numbers are not exact, an estimated 26 million Soviet citizens died during World War II, including as many as

Who won the battle of Stalingrad?

Battle of Stalingrad

Date 23 August 1942 – 2 February 1943 (5 months, 1 week and 3 days)
Result Soviet victory Destruction of the German 6th Army
Territorial changes Expulsion of the Axis from the Caucasus, reversing their gains from the 1942 Summer Campaign

Also, is Enemy at the Gates true story?

The movie Enemy at the Gates, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and starring Jude Law, Ed Harris, Rachel Weisz and Joseph Fiennes is a fictionalized account of the true story of Vasilii Zaitsev, a Soviet sniper who won fame during the battle of Stalingrad.

Where did they film Enemy at the Gates?

The filmmakers created the Volga River at the village of Pritzen, south of Brandenburg. Here, 600 extras depicted the evacuation of war-torn Stalingrad. This was the most complex location, requiring months of preparation and some 300 crew members for the actual filming.

Who had the best snipers in ww2?

Simo Häyhä-Finland

Who directed Enemy at the Gates?

Jean-Jacques Annaud

Is Enemy at the Gates on Amazon Prime?

Watch Enemy At The Gates | Prime Video. Your web browser is missing a digital rights component.

How many men died at the battle of Stalingrad?

The death toll at Stalingrad was huge, leaving about 850,000 Axis soldiers dead, missing or wounded in the battle, and more than a million Soviet soldiers downed, missing or wounded. Most of the civilians residing in the city also died during the combat.

What is the movie Enemy at the Gates about?

Vassili (Jude Law) is a young Russian sharpshooter who becomes a legend when a savvy polical officer (Joseph Fiennes) makes him the hero of his propaganda campaign. Their friendship is threatened when both men fall in love with a beautiful female soldier (Rachel Weisz). As the battle for the city rages, Vassili faces the ultimate challenge when the Nazi command dispatches its most elite marksman (Ed Harris) to hunt down and kill the man who has become the hope of all Russia.

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How long is Enemy at the Gates?

2h 11m

Similarly, who played Tanya in Enemy at the Gates?

In the film Enemy at the Gates, portrayed by Rachel Weisz, Tania is a citizen of Stalingrad who has become a Private in the local militia. Danilov has her transferred to an intelligence unit away from the battlefield.

Also, is Enemy at the Gates in English?

Russian German French English

How does Enemy at the Gates end?

Jude Law outsmarts Ed Harris at the end and puts a bullet through his head, ending their long and bloody duel. Not long after, the siege ends and Law seeks out the injured Rachel Weisz to start a new life.

Who are the best snipers in the world?

Below is my list of top ten snipers in history and some of the greatest shots ever fired.

  • Charles ‘Chuck’ Mawhinney.
  • Rob Furlong.
  • Vasily Zaytsev.
  • Lyudmila Pavlichenko.
  • Corporal Francis Pegahmagabow.
  • Adelbert F. Waldron.
  • Carlos Norman Hathcock II. May 20, 1942 – February 23, 1999.
  • Simo Häyhä December 17, 1905 – April 1, 2002.

Is the movie Stalingrad based on a true story?

The film is loosely based on the true story of Pavlov’s House, a strategically located Stalingrad apartment building on the banks of the Volga that was defended successfully by a small group of Soviet troops in 1942. He is devoted to the Soviet war effort, but also fiercely enforces the honor code among all soldiers.