Who is the most famous (living) person on Earth?

I have already answered this question one and a half years ago on the English Quora.Then I found it nice to ignore for us users that whole Trump. But we come closer and closer to the conclusion of all riddles, accusations and disapprovals around his presidency and life.

I think about no one as much is spoken as about Trump at the moment.In itself it is unfortunate, because attention is what feeds him and a diet of less, but healthy, attention would be good for him and for the world. In any case, your Trump could be called the most famous person on Earth in that respect. Like Richard Nixon that has also been a while.

But there is another kind of fame, one that haunves.It belongs to the person who receives that attention and not to the phenomenon in which she or he is a symptom. Then you come to people like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi and Mikhail Gorbachev. People who have made the right choices at a crucial moment in history. Which, by taking a moral stance in difficult circumstances, have determined history and have therefore become an example and inspiration for others. Martin Luther King is also part of that list. Even after thirty or fifty years, they are still important to anyone who is interested in how the world intertwines. The only one of these four that still lives is Gorbachev.

Another candidate is Elizabeth II. For more than sixty years, she has held a country and the remains of a world empire together by being itself.Her face, (on coins and stamps), her voice (via radio and TV) and her stature are so familiar for whole generations that we will miss her only if she is no longer there. In all respects the opposite of Trump.

Elizabeth is a person who has given an excellent interpretation to a self-prized office (the hereditary kingship), while Trump gives a valuable function to a content that makes you doubt the value of democracy itself.Only if the system is able, as in the case of Nixon, to get rid of such aberration, confidence can be recovered.

In the light of history, Trump will end up with Nixon in the corner of the failures, while Elizabeth with Victoria from the 19th century and her namesake from the 16th century will be considered the right woman in the right place.

I must confess to my shame that my first prompting was Kim Kardashian.Although I have not seen any of her work, it is such a name that many people have heard. Another choice would be Beyonc茅 or Adele.

But probably these women are mostly known to a younger audience, not so much in the elderly.Paul McCartney is a figure that is known to many more people, especially now that the Beatles have had a hipster revival and Sir McCartney has collaborated with that defamed Kanye West (this is where the Venn diagram of people who know the Beatles and people who Kim Kardashian know crosses).

But well, these are of course Western pop artists and many more people will of course know influential political leaders like Trump, Putin or the British monarch, who call the other answers with right.

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