Who is the most beautiful woman in the world right now?

My wife

Difficult.I am not so actresses (although I find some actresses wonderful, but I am more of beautiful women who want to make a difference to human rights and especially women’s rights.

I saw Fan Bingbing for the first time in Empress of China, wow that did make an impression.

She has of that gift eyebrows (I find the exaggerated eyebrows of now not super, but those of her are just very beautiful) and a nice opinionated face:

Even if she is supposedly 鈧?虄at her low She looks sweet:

Sometimes you don’t see a person as attractive, until that one moment when she steals the show.

I had that at Lupita Nyong’o:

I also find Jenny Agutter to have a very nice face, I think every time I see her come over in Call the Midwife:

I did not really answer this question who I find most attractive, but who I find most beautiful (and at Fan Bingbing it is both).

And at these three I really thought 鈧?虄gosh what are you beautiful.

But of course that also has to do with appearance, for me they have just that 鈧?虄iets which is not to be described. I also have this with Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark, but not with her outside the role.Sometimes Olivia Colman has it too. When she took the Oscar, she radiated enough warmth and charisma to start a small sun.

The ONE and only most beautiful woman in the world, without a doubt, is to be Cemre Melis 脙 -脛 卤 nar

Last I wrote an answer about how important the attractiveness of the face is and decided to use the face of this beautiful Turkish actress for the obvious physical qualities.

I forgot her a little but now I saw that she is literally the most beautiful woman in the world (for me then).

In my opinion, she is in the highest category of women so objectively beautiful that it is a personal preference to find who you like most.

Which I really like in her making me find her the best, she has dark hair, is Turkish, a people I find very attractive.

She has a face with beautiful properties, therefore I had used her in that one answer. I am particularly fond of her eyes and jukomentbones, and perhaps most importantly, is that she looks like a very strong and adult woman in addition to an incredibly beautiful woman. What makes her the most beautiful woman in the world is the perfect integration of feminist beauty with strength and maturity.

And her state everything is actually.



A selection from her acting work (I find her face here even better, I don’t know why)

Sexy (Sorry for the bad picture)


Usual… beautiful

As I have said, you cannot get a consensus in the ranking of the most handsome women, it becomes subjective.

But for me is currently CMC at Far d脙 漏 number 1 of the world.

Ok脙 漏, another picture, to learn t.

Oh, and I’ve made a memestemplate with her.

Editing: Just a little extra beautiful photo s

And be honest: you can recognize her by just her face and distinguish it clearly from other women, also a very important trait to be found that little extra Nice:

Most beautiful woman is a very relative notion.

I find women of the 鈧?艙Far East 鈧?艙 Beautiful. Am not myself married. Hottentotten find women with a huge backwork beautiful.

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