Marlene in Divergent is an aspiring young woman named Marlene whose parents are wealthy. She lives in District 12 at an age where she is able to make her own choices and make her own decisions. Although we don’t see Marlene after her family is murdered, we do see her daughter Lola making her own choices as a future adult.

Are Tris and Caleb twins?

The twins are both older than the twins in Little Rascals and older than the adults in The Last Crusade. They are Caleb and Rachael, with Rachael being the sister who is adopted, Tristan being the younger brother whose death is the reason for the action of the book.

Where does divergent take place?

Why do I have divergent forces in the universe? Because there are many attractors pulling in some directions pulling in other directions: Gravity attracts objects with mass, and therefore attracts all matter in the universe, causing objects to accelerate and therefore to fall to the ground.

Who is Max in divergent?

Maxine in Divergent Series – The City is a 16-year-old girl whose city, Chicago, in the United States is split into five factions so that those with great potential can get ahead. To reach the highest rank possible, she must choose between the Erudite and the Amity factions.

Similarly one may ask, who is Uriah in divergent?

Answer. He comes with an offer to Joanna and Uriah after he is in love with her.

In this regard, who is Lynn in divergent?

Who is the father in Divergent? The father for Beatrice in Divergent is Tris’ parents.

Do Tris and Four break up?

“My boyfriend broke up with me for Tris!” After the break-up, Tris and Four break up. But Tris has a very important secret and needs to keep her breakup a secret.

What color is Drew’s hair in divergent?


What are tris fears?

When confronted with an opportunity to achieve three things, the fear of commitment is overwhelming. When we are scared, we focus on the small things that stand in the way of achieving more and more, and we are overwhelmed by the stress of choosing between three different things.

Does Four die in Allegiant?

In the second half of Allegiant, Four was taken to the ground and hit his head. His head had been broken, and his body was bleeding to death. This is how he died in the middle of the book (spoiler warning!). Allegiant has more chapters than Twilight.

Is Christina divergent?

He was widely criticised for his refusal to meet with the students without their professor, who had resigned in protest against his treatment of the students. Christina is known as the “mother of the walkouts’ movement”.

Is Tobias a divergent?

This character is not a divergent. No characters are currently known to have this name.

What does it mean to be divergent?

Divergent is a term that describes a tendency for individuals to think, behave, or act differently as they get older. The opposite of divergent is convergent. This means that the tendency for similar things to be the same as you age is convergent.

How old is Eric in divergent?

19 years old

What happened to Will in divergent?

Will’s personality was “remodeled” into a more peaceful and caring one. After his death, the police arrested his father for murder, but they didn’t know that he was innocent as he was killed by his best friend, Divergent, to keep a promise Will made to his sister when he came to the school.

How did Tris die?

Sasha is killed by Will. The first-person narrator reveals that Sasha was killed “in cold blood”. Although Tris is responsible for the death of the “Trisaccharine”, she is saved by Tobias and Cecelia when Cecelia is attacked by the police.

Is four divergent or not?

Divergent 4: In Divergent, Beatrice and Dante want to overthrow the government. They’re completely alone against the rest of the world’s government. They’re right but completely wrong.

When was Tobias Eaton born?

Tobias Eaton’s debut on the WNBA was a memorable one in 1998 because there was so little hoopin’ about it. The 6’7″, 240lb power forward, who played her college ball at USC, was the league’s best rebounder, leading the league in rebounding in two of her first three years; She was named WNBA rookie of the year before the third season of her career.

Do four and Christina end up together?

In the last episode, Christina (Lindsay Pinnock) and four other kids were thrown into a prison where they had to do an experiment to escape and destroy a prison. The first to escape ended up in a relationship with an adult prisoner with no parental supervision, leaving four children under the care of the parents.

Is Tris mum divergent?

Tris is one of the most important figures in the Divergent series. She is the main driver of the story. Tris, a seventeen-year-old girl from District 12, becomes one of the Five in The Divergent Series.

How old is four divergent?