Douglas had two older brothers, the late Stefan Gregor Hesselberg, a technician in the histology laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who also trained racehorses in Verona, Italy, and Erik Hesselberg, a journalist.

The People also ask who is Illeana Douglas‘ father?

Melvyn Gregory Hesselberg

One may also ask who Illeana Douglas is married to? Jonathan Axelrod m. 1998-2001

So Illeana Douglas is related to Kirk Douglas?

Illeana Douglas is an actress, writer and producer. Born with show business in her blood, she is the granddaughter of screen legend Melvyn Douglas.

How tall is Illeana Douglas?


Who played Angela ? Six Feet Under?

Illeana Douglas

When did Melvyn Douglas die?

4. August 1981

How old is Illeana Douglas?

54\\ years (July 25, 1965)