Who is Beto O’Rourke? Does he have a chance at the US presidential election?

Last November (2018) Beto O’Rourke almost won a Senate seat for the Democratic Party in Texas.Everyone knows that Texas is as Republican as what is, so that he came close to opponent Ted Cruz was quite an accomplishment in itself.

The expectation was that he would also try it nationally and now that is a fact (see his announcement movie).Beto is going to try to hold the Democratic nomination for presidential candidate, to take it up in 2020 against sitting President Trump.

His approach is quite positive: he wants to put an end to the division in America.He wants everyone to have access to care, sees immigration as a positive thing that the US can benefit from and sees opportunities to counteract climate change.

These are all standard democratic positions which he nevertheless brings with a positive and hopeful way.I personally find this refreshing, because with mud swinging they can be here in the US as the best.

In addition, Beto’s campaign in Texas was the model of modern mobilization of voters by social media.It was a “grass roots” movement, as they call it, so a movement that was worn by the voters themselves. That also says what about Beto’s charisma.

Time will learn whether Beto has a chance, but his advance in Texas was remarkable.I think that if he can stay away from the extreme-left views that the Democratic Party has been part of lately, and he can speak to the voters in the middle as a sensible alternative to the yet offensive Trump, he certainly has a chance Has.

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Beto O’Rourke is an American politician of the Democratic Party.He has lost in the past elections in November of his Republican counter-candidate for a Senate seat for the state of Texas.

O’Rourke is, however, unabated popular among Democratic voters.

O’Rourke certainly makes a chance.He is seen as a very suitable candidate.

An ex-congressmember and the loser of the 2018 Senate elections in Texas.

Beto O’Rourke, incidentally, Beto is just a nickname, has since last year exploded in terms of popularity in America.His failed attempt to address Ted Cruz, the Junior Senator of Texas, his Senate seat was followed nationally by the media (which were hard looking for the new Obama). Despite losing the race, he got very close (all for a red state like Texas), and he picked up more than 70 million dollars from Donging!

However, his positions on political issues are not always clear: his campaign (s) focuses mainly on his personality and charm and on the fact that he is an outsider (despite having served for 6 years in the Commons as Congressman).It therefore seems that he is not as progressive as other candidates, but how moderate He is, is unclear.

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He has little chance of coming through the primaries.He is white and he is a man and the feminists and the Black caucus are already working to portray him as an incompetent villain.

And that should not be called sexism or racism, because it is.

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